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China is the world’s largest tire producer, out of every two tires in the world have a from China, and shandong is China and even the world tyre manufacturing base. 2013, one of the founders of tire tesco early sun north China locates the MBA graduation thesis topic in the tyre electricity industry, jointly funded by the project team and after college fund, launched a tire tesco projects and operations so far.

in May 2014, because of the needs of the channels to expand, tire tesco formally incorporated into the tyre co., LTD. Qingdao davor, by the end of June this year, tire tesco has launched seven cities such as Qingdao, yantai, jinan station, O2O business more than 800 of cooperation, through pilot pattern accumulated help stores to reach the tire sales orders over 2600.

tire tesco electricity front-end B2B and back-end B2C model points: on the one hand, help the upstream brand and factory implementation channel sinks, face to face with the terminal, improve industry adopt pin efficiency; Using tire tesco platform advantage, on the other hand, help stores drainage user cooperation, realize assist purchasing distribution upstream, midstream and power of the underlying distribution. Eventually all channels of high-quality participants (brands, distributors, retailers) win-win cooperation.

litter tesco build online B2B2C trading and distribution management system, to launch “flagship store” and “mall stores, flagship store for brands and retailers make one stop pin circulation, shop for retailers to realize online shop online mall drainage, but also divided the city commercial circle, to push the team and the construction of warehouse distribution system.

Pan Fulin founder

competing goods, about, at present, the general in tire electricity in five categories:

1. The platform system, represented by Tmall, jingdong, focus on the platform O2O strategy to promote and brand from platform flow.

2. After the market department: various ge for steam, tao archives mouths, tiger overhead network of representatives. B2B ZhuGeXiu Shared focus on differentiation mechanics channel, billowing steam archives mouths from integrating the resource of auto parts, tiger Shared aims to integrate O2O and B2C.

3. Brand: represented by Michelin, bridgestone, horse card, based on the brand’s official website and offline networks start O2O type of installation.

4. Regional department: represented by good tire house, combined with the location advantage and the existing distribution network in regional electricity sales, warehousing, distribution.

5. Integrate system: represented by wheat tires, tire king, focusing on the integration of tire sales and supply chain.

compared with competitors, Pan Fulin thinks, tesco’s entry more accurate and subdivision, which focus on high quality national tire brand. In the domestic market, 3% of the joint venture brand occupies and form a complete set of the original car tires to replace more than 75% of the share of the market. “Tire industry needs a strong third-party platform for high quality national brands credit endorsement, at the same time help them combing channels, network integration, standardized network and supporting services, using the Internet + power back to the core of competitiveness, the products, and in the future competition, the commanding heights of the three level 4 market competition with joint brand terminal advantage, this is also our tire tesco mission.” Pan Fulin convective cloud network said.

after launch B2B2C mode, tire tesco will open warehouse distribution system of our country by B2B trading commissions, lease and financial account period tools such as earnings trend, joining, stores, chain is also the direction of future development.

when it comes to the next step in the product planning, Pan Fulin told hunting cloud network, “the tyre is a large body of industries, from passenger car tires, car tires, motorcycle tires, engineering, and agricultural tires and so on, have great potential for consolidation, both B2B feature with highly centralized purchasing. Tire tesco is to be a heavy vertical platform for the tyres, the market has 1 trillion.”

the tire tesco company Qingdao davor, tyre co., LTD., team, the existing 34 people, in 2015, exports are expected to $15 million; Domestic sales agent two large national brand tires, including domestic custody brand in 2015 is expected to sell 800000, 130 million in sales; Domestic retail brand article is expected to sell 500000, 2015, 70 million sales.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, tire tesco by Qingdao davor tyre co., LTD., a wholly owned operations, has not yet been introduced the third party risk investment, is currently in the angel round.