editor’s note: technology start-ups, already have sprung up. So startups do to stand out in the “flood”? Tech in Asia, the winner of the Tour in its understanding of the market, the customer first.

No. 1 Sorabito

do you want to buy a used bulldozers, cranes, or dump truck? If you want to, you can choose which way to buy? I believe that you can think of way should be to take part in a day or two large auction; If so, you need to pay membership fee, but at the end of the deal when to hand in a large amount of fees to the meeting personnel.

Sorabito company launched the product Allstocker want to bypass the similar to this type of auction link, became heavy machinery and large agricultural equipment on amazon. The start-up enterprises will not only provide customers with the required machinery and equipment, will provide customers with quality of remote check function, payment service, transportation service and equipment localization language services.

since its launch in March this year, Allstocker accounted for Japan’s biggest Internet market machinery manufacturing. It has attracted more than 15000 users from 130 different countries. It will charge according to the user equipment sales price, usually 5% to 15% commission (the higher the price, the lower the commission). Than before through the auction purchase, the buyer and the seller cost are reduced.

No. 2 Aedi Works

do you remember you for your recent purchase of one thing which has a lot of opinion? Aedi Works company launched Sqore allows the user to scan product barcodes to write down the instant review for this product.

the services provided by the start-up claimed Sqore than traditional write reviews more timely at the bottom of the e-commerce site, because it only takes the user to scan a product for simple. It also wants to be designed for reviewers to use social network, to the interests of users together, let them put the affection of a product passed to more people. Use Sqore and use Tinder (a dating App), for comments you like, you can scroll left screen; For those who don’t like to comment, just slide the screen to the right.

Sqore hope to sell the data information to brands to make money, let the brand business trends in the development of a product, to let them know what is the right direction.

No. 3 Yaguchi Electronics

amblyopia, commonly known as “lazy eye”, multiple in children under 6 years old, 3% to 6% of children’s eyesight. If children amblyopia can not get timely treatment, the impact on children is not only a low vision so simple; They will be laughed at by others, will have no confidence. Amblyopia, however, was not a terrorist, so long as lets the child before the age of six should be treated, the possibility of cure is very big.

Yaguchi Electronics Occlu – Pad will be released tablet, the screen filter, glasses and treatment of amblyopia special game together, providing children with a different from the traditional visual training amblyopia treatment, fun is not expensive. Clinical trials of the start-ups claim Occlu – Pad obviously improves the user state of vision.

Yaguchi Electronics has sold 100 units to the Japanese hospitals Occlu – Pads, it is also approved by the domestic food and drug administration (fda). At present, it is also approved by the United States and the European Union’s similar. The start-up companies hope to through e-commerce sites provide the equipment directly to consumers.

No. 4 Mist Technologies

no one is willing to all day and night waiting for video buffer. For YouTube and Netflix, the streaming media web site, to keep the server speed is the best way to solve the problem of buffer.

Mist MistCDN Technologies provide services to share individual users of the load on the server, be content with a twist. If 1000 people on the HBO GO (HBO’s hunting cloud network note: us paid television watching TV, sports event of the client and website) to watch TV at the same period of the “game of thrones video, so each of them in to pull data from the server, which reduces the speed of buffer. MistCDN optimization of data stream, only some of them directly to get the data from the server, and the rest of the data is used to implement sharing. Technically, it is to use WwbRTC technology (hunting cloud network note: a support real-time voice dialogue or web browser technology of video dialogue.) Users to download is the same packets together.

MistCDN can elevate the working efficiency of the server from the original 80% to 90%, and start-up Mist Technologies have and Japan Fuji TV’s biggest television reached cooperation. But unfortunately, this technique can not well accepted by the audience, so television and streaming media to before the user can use MistCDN technology to make the right choice.

so, who exactly?

in the end, the judges unanimously Sorabito Tokyo is the champion of the Tour. All passed, there is no suspense!

“in simple terms, Sorabito know very well about their target market.” Ahn said. “they understand their customers, and can realize the individualism will profit.”

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