editor’s note: in this paper, the author Peter Daisyme is Hostt co-founder.

I spent three years, from a successful accountant transformation into an entrepreneur. Before undertaking this step, I read a lot of outstanding entrepreneur of miao proverbs, in order to motivate yourself. Here I’d like to recommend you some, some of them are I saw at that time, gave me a great encouragement, and some of them are recently seen, also some of the bullet hole in my head feel quite a sight. If you had just begun to start a company, or have to operate for a period of time, you can read these successful CEO of good words, believe that you will learn something from it.

the list select 25 successful CEO of entrepreneurial proverbs, each one, I choose is the most sharp. Against the range is very wide, about success, on team cooperation, about how to become a CEO, CEO and taught how to deal with customer. These wonderful proverbs, dharma masters, I am so well.

about success:

1. When you begin to start a company, more like an art rather than in research. Because you don’t know what’s waiting for you ahead. Are you going to try to solve the problem of relevant to your personal, not too busy to solve the problem of the high-profile. Ideally, as one of the thousands of ordinary people, solved the problems of its own, you are likely to have solved the problems of ten million people. – an co-founder Brian Chesky

2. I never thought I would become a CEO. I just always want to be a good teammate, good colleague. – Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf

3. Whenever you make a difficult but correct decision, have the courage to point you become than before. Whenever you make a simple but wrong decision, you will become more weak than before. As a CEO, your choice will decide the fate of the company. – the famous venture capital institutions Andreessen Horowitz co-founder Ben Horowitz

4. The CEO’s job is to create a great company, and in order to create excellent company, sometimes you have to stand up and traditional concept. – HP CEO Carly Fiorina

5. My goal is never just start a company. Many people misunderstand this sentence, I think I don’t care about revenue, treat money like dirt. As a matter of fact, I said to start a company, not only mean, I want to do is to let the world change. – mark zuckerberg

about teamwork:

6. For a CEO to recruit talent is the first priority. You may think that vision and strategy is the first, but you have to choose the right person. – Grameen America CEO Andrea jung

7. Teach employees some new knowledge or skill, they will respect you, to make your relationship more harmonious. If you will do so in the interview process, then you will attract the most effective force in fighting for you. Money for those talented people, is nothing. What they want is to have the opportunity to grow talent, rather than the light care wallet drum drum. If you let applicants know that they will be able to cause the wallet you here double harvest, so they would be willing to work for you. – in the IT industry development outsourcing company Toptal chief executive Taso Du Val

8. Really hinder employee of wuxi, centralized system is rigid and unkind. In most companies, from the CEO down, hierarchical power. Most of the decisions are not ordinary employees sovereignty power, they even have the right to go against the self-centered, outrageous domineering superior. – management at Gary Hamel

9. Management staff should first of all, to treat them as a complete individual, rather than merely as an employee, let employees work under the joyful mood, they will have more sense of responsibility, sense of satisfaction. You let employee satisfaction, employee let customer satisfaction, this is a virtuous circle, will give you a benefit. – xerox chief executive Anne m. Mulcahy

10. In alibaba, I had a dark days, from which I learned is to must want to let your team have value, has a long-term view, innovation. Another is as long as you don’t give up, still have a chance. When you are not strong enough, you have to rely on the brain, by heart, not show the muscles. – ma

about how to become a CEO :

11. The way to the CEO’s office, should not pass through accounting office or department, but to pass through the engineering and design department. – to ferry U.S. space exploration technology company founder elon musk,

12. Want to take the CEO seat, will be ready to cross the rubicon. – Campbell soup food company’s chief executive, Denise Morrison

13. I have always believed that when we start a business, there should be a big dream, a lofty goals, but their feet on the ground is also very important. If you ask me, frankly tell you, I am starting from management trainee in 1984, at that time I never imagined I will become the CEO.” – icici’s chief executive, Chanda Kochhar,

14. Don’t think you are a CEO, you are amazing. You must keep on learning, improve thinking and perfect management. I never forget these. – Pepsi CEO Indra Nooyi

15. As a CEO, short-term, medium-term and long-term development, have to consider. – nissan chief executive Carlos Ghosn

16. I am who I am, I’m going to be when apple CEO, I focus on this. Apple CEO cook

17. As a wife, daughter, friends and LearnVest founder and chief executive, everything I do is not simple. But I have long known how to allocate and careful management of my time. – women Alexa, chief executive of financial services network LearnVest Von Tobel

18 as an entrepreneur, to speed up the footsteps, beyond the limit. – Uber founder and chief executive, Travis Kalanick

19. A successful team, have a heart up and down. – Payfirma chief executive Michael Gokturk

20. When you have the innovation idea, to be ready to by the world as a madman. — oracle CEO Larry Ellison

Related to the client:

21. Software innovation, like almost all other types of innovation, needs to have the spirit of sharing cooperation, need to sit down and talk with the customer, to listen to their feedback, know their needs. – bill? Gates

22. I always do myself no matter how prepared, I think it will grow. Wait until you say: “wow! I didn’t know that I should succeed!” When you have difficulty, had a breakthrough, won the growth at a time. — yahoo CEO marissa mayer

23. We regard customers as guests invited to the party, and we are the hosts. Our daily work is to constantly improve all aspects, to improve the user experience. – amazon, Jeff bezos,

24. Don’t ever forget: to investors, customers, public relations and marketing a good first impression is very important, and the first impression, only have a chance.” Founder fashion website Net – a – Porter, Natalie Massenet

25, friendly, considerate, before opening the user, put yourself in to think of it, for them what they need. This is better than to the last attempt to save them, too much easier. – AXS TV chairman Mark Cuban

from now on, try your best, to do a best CEO!!!!