in a world full of monitoring network, it seems to be anonymous is impossible, if your IP address is found, usually means game over. But Ben to take an examination of Deere invented a method, can let users from 1 mile away anonymous connections to the public wi-fi network. A hacker could successfully through the layers of the proxy server to track to the final IP address to determine the user’s position, but have Ben Deere test new invention, after the tracker again how is for white blind, anonymous users in more than a mile home and ignorance, no sleep, very safe.

Deere test program to be held next month launched ProxyHam on international congress DefCon hackers in Las Vegas. ProxyHam is a “proxy” hardware, equipment, cost $200, which allows users to connect through an unidentifiable radio channel to a public wi-fi network, and through a 900 MHZ wireless connect this network to users’ computers, 1-2.5 miles around to see the specific scope of landscape and architecture of the degree of interference. This means that even if the investigators to track the user’s Internet connection, is placed in the library, they also could find ProxyHam box cafe or other public places, but could not find the user’s actual location.

there are also many hidden before, the source of the network connection, such as the wireless network using neighbor, or from the house out to a nearby coffee shop on the Internet. Does John Deere, Rhino safety lab (Rhino Security Labs) researcher, his new method and the traditional method of comparison, said: “ceng wi-fi is distance limitation, we can’t follow one’s inclinationsly control. If the federal bureau of investigation (FBI) to kick the door, and may not kick down the door of my house, but they will be very close to me, even close enough to hear my breathing.”

“ProxyHam biggest bright spot is that you can use the starbucks and other remote places wi-fi Internet access, but you don’t have to be there.”

Deere said, he will be in accordance with the cost price to sell ProxyHam to DefCon conference attendees, also will be on his personal website and ProxyHam making web pages (after the conference are available) to give instructions, teach users how to build the network. ProxyHam is not a device, it is actually made up of two parts. Box about the size of the first part is a and big dictionary, a built-in connection on wireless card raspberries pie computer (Raspberry Pi, also called card computer, appearance is the size of a credit card, but it has all the basic function of computer and a small antenna of 900 MHZ. The two parts are very small, can be placed in public places, in some obscure Deere test suggested that we put in the public library, looking for someone with a generally will not be noticed a small corner. At the other end of the wireless link, the user will be 900 MHZ antenna plug got its own Ethernet port, everything is all right. (in the photo above, Deere USES a huge yagi antenna, but he said with a much smaller $57 flat patch antenna is the same.)

test Deere ProxyHam intends to use to protect some sensitive of Internet users, such as political dissidents and informers. If an attacker can install malicious software on the user’s computer, and these malware can hedge the Tor, you can directly send the IP address of the user on the attacker. So they use a virtual private network, or even anonymous Tor software tools may not be able to get adequate security. However, ProxyHam malware will only make the investigators to track ProxyHam equipment, rather than the user himself. “KGB man does not play on your door.” Take an examination of Deere said: “they played the library door is 2.5 miles away.”

in order to avoid client by wireless detection, ProxyHam wireless signal design quite is deceptive, and look under the same frequency of wireless telephone signal is almost the same. Deere said, with the passage of time, there will be more connected to the wireless device, the rise of their cover for ProxyHam users provides a better effect. “Wireless devices are a lot of popularity, there will be more and more people communicate through wireless signal,” take an examination of Deere said: “no one dare to say, ‘in this spectrum through wireless communication, we should investigate at all one by one in the end! ‘that is impractical, it was like looking for a needle in a haystack.”

but only rely on ProxyHam is no good, especially its security hasn’t been proved in the actual test before. Interception of security technology expert and Lee (Micah Lee) is put forward that view, he has been invited to participate in an anonymous disclosure platform SecureDrop research and development work, is an expert in the encryption. But he also noted that ProxyHam can be anonymous and existing software, such as VPN and Tor, used in combination. So he gave it to a pertinent advice: “ProxyHam is used to enhance the performance of Tor, rather than to replace it. If you combine with, should be good.”

Li Benren said the anonymous leaker wanted to use SecureDrop send confidential to news organizations, first of all to connect to a public wi-fi networks. While ProxyHam can achieve similar needs. “If someone is watching everything, no matter how much you through the hop to get to the Internet (),/host is a router to another router/host by the number of other routers), they can connect all the points, then pinpoint your IP. But if you have a hop count is not on the Internet, but in a wireless link, watchdog is difficult to connect these points.”

Deere test plans to sell in the DefCon conference ProxyHam is the basic version. But he still will continue to research and development future versions, Deere said the device also includes sensors, once ProxyHam was moving in hiding, the sensor will automatically detect and warn the user. He even wants to a built-in microphone, the ProxyHam converted into a “black box”, can record ProxyHam disconnected before the last minutes of the audio, and transmitted to the user. Test, Deere said all this, is to prevent investigators found ProxyHam, then tapped its communication or to set a trap to repair it.


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