don’t try to yourself and deal with all things in our lives. Nowadays, there are a lot of excellent design of mobile application allows you to easily record the things in life.

Slice: precise tracking your Courier

you can use the letters used to represent various 17 “you express has been shipped” email to track your delivery – although this doesn’t look on, or you can choose to do nothing. As an American, I of course choose the latter. Slice (currently provide android, iOS version) and your email system to recognize the email about Courier delivery, then automatically help you to track the Courier. You will also receive tips about delivery when arrived, but the function of this app is more than that. It can also provide you with product recalls the latest news and keep track of your spending habits and provide a barcode scanner to help you track your send back the goods.

Listonic: a good helper of supermarket shopping

Listonic (currently provide android, iOS version) is a simple shopping list, you can share with your lover, so you don’t have to repeat buy two popcorn. And when you add or check check list content, Listonic will sync to the other can view the list of users on the client side. And these items will be carried out in accordance with the supermarket aisle placed the order of the goods classification, so if you are a need to go home earlier preempt the excellent geographical location of a parking space, urban residents with the help of Listonic, at five o ‘clock in the afternoon, you will be able to wind around the Whole Foods (supermarket) an organic Foods in the United States, buy what you need and then go home.

Lipitor, “medicine can’t stop”

in view of these drug Lipitor will not strike them to the patients with stomach (a cholesterol-lowering drug Lipitor is developed by Pfizer), Dosecast (currently provide android, iOS version) was born. You can set up in the app, to remind you to take their medicine on time every day. And when you want to take medicine to delay time, it also has some similar to the alarm delay function of the class. Dosecast can also according to customer’s individual situation to set the medication doses of information, so you don’t have to worry too much or less medication.

Glympse: anytime, anywhere to know the position of the family

if your family want to walk alone for a while, that is good too! Because then you can enjoy your own alone for five minutes. Glympse (currently provide android, iOS version) can give you a real-time location tracking and care about you, you can see each other’s position on the map. If you’ll be late for work, you can also send messages to them. If the user just wants to pay close attention to the family, in his that he actually don’t need to install the software.

Fooducate: help you to pay attention to eating the food into his mouth

these days, everyone is difficult to guarantee food healthy, especially there are many so-called “health food” may contain a lot of unhealthy ingredients. Fooducate (currently provide android, iOS version) allows you to scan the barcode of these food before eating and then get a based on calories, added sugar, trans fatty acids, and lots of other nutritional component index score. For a diet that is low score, Fooducate will give you more other healthy food as a choice.


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