(text/Zhang Yankang)

“college life is not the chatting, gossip, disappointments, and confusion, but interesting things accomplished. We made a cool social products’ things’, it is not another post bar or campus application date, but with the new concept to explain the campus social.” Founder DaXing said.

it is Shanghai Qin Shi network technology co., LTD. After “, “development of a social product for the university campus. College students can share their on things in the university is doing, for others to share things at the same time also can confirm or comments. By its location to retrieve the registered users by micro letter entrance choice school and the school year, if the registered users can’t retrieve their own school, only through the school issued invitation code to register. Tell hunting cloud network founder DaXing, it is aimed at college students, invite code to register is to ensure that college students status.

people are emotional animals, to meet people who have done the same thing will be touched, let alone again and such a person in a campus. DaXing said, the thing is think through the events affect the relationship between college students. Newly enrolled freshman college life planning guide can be found in things, students can be found in things themselves how many things didn’t do belong to this campus, rethink its ruined what day did, students can find in the things to leave the memory about the campus, at the same time to the junior a junior some life tips on learning.

in the era of the pursuit of personality, to share is a kind of happiness. As a social product, it not only offers a chance for social, university campus as the communication circle again at the same time, provide users with sharing platform. On the things that students can add oneself buy a bag, after changing the chores, such as English let these small things become entrance into a topic to communicate with each other.

things Android V1.11 version has launched on July 1, the ios version has been submitted to apple stores in the audit. Now things have opened more than 80 colleges and universities across the country, in the case of registered users periodically growth. DaXing said, is expected to the end of this summer, things will be open more than 200 colleges and universities. And things offline activities “leaders” project has started. Hunting cloud network learned that “leaders” from the national university selection have ideal, willing to endure hardship, strong execution of the students, under the support and guide of things team, formulate and implement things in the school’s promotional activities.

unlike “after ten years”, “ten years later” is about dreams of the future, “things” is about the past and is now being done. Because people only talk to stranger ideal ambition, “after ten years of” becomes anonymous social network; People want to share their achievements with your friends, things become acquaintances social circle. To things, after ten years from the two products are to have feelings, it is also a founder always DaXing team attitude.

team, team of the whole team, after ten years from team have 22 people, mostly graduated from fudan university, and take back from abroad. They Shared the same dream, make original products, after ten years period, now the whole team is full of the breath of youth and full of combat effectiveness team.

in the future, things will consider adding search, school registration, dynamic wall switch, private chat, the school rankings, things set and to complete the function such as graphic detail records, even launch industry groups. Profitability, DaXing said, things have certain user traffic, will consider and students favorite local merchants cooperation, links related to the merchants product page, and push on the front page of advertising.

at present, the whole team is on A round of funding, it is mainly used for product development and promotion.