cloud network hunting note: sports, a group of crazy fans, their affection for the sports event is accomplished a large number of entrepreneurs founded sports social platform, in turn, the entrepreneur will not “mistreated” this group of fans crazy. Sports social platform of continuous innovation and progress, let fans can talk anytime and anywhere, changyou sporting events.

if you are a sports fan, you must find many social networks have hashtag about sports theme (tag); Hashtag is to allow users to subjects of interest to create a label, by the vast aggregation and lengthy information classification. Maybe there is a lot you like the team’s information on Twitter, the information will be regularly updated. Many start-ups are trying to watch the fans and the innovation of ways to participate in sports. To achieve this goal is not simple, a tough problem is how to retain users, it is also like GetGlue (social TV application competitors GetGlue Viggle m&a) such a significant problem in the application of reason, even if their partner strength is very strong. Their own hands the user “away”; But the ESPN (a special broadcast 24 hours heavy American cable television network) application can continue to provide sports information. In fact, there are also many entrepreneurs find can let the fans to match the scene play at home or similar to the method of the game.

Alex Beckman: talk about sports GameOn

Beckman in San Francisco, set up a named Evntilive platform, users can watch the live broadcast of the concert, through this platform can also take part in the interactive live concert, but he will be the platform in 2013 sold to yahoo. Soon after, Beckman found himself frustrated sometimes, because he and his friends in the group of WhatsApp only when sometimes without talking about sports, without any stimulation. Later, he decided to establish GameOn, this app is still in test phase.

GameOn for you and your friends started an internal “small private meeting”, whether it is a sporting event you each are watching or those some friend are participating in sports activities, as long as it is your subscription and joining the activity, you can be in this small group of sharing information, video (video is Shared) Vine6 seconds. GameOn is expected to launch later this month.

Russell D ‘Souza: second-hand ticket sales site which

the secondary ticket market is full of variables (mainly fares, depends largely on the show’s popularity). Recently, the concerts and sports events secondhand ticket sales website which claimed to have received $62 million in investment, but the credibility of the news remains to be seen. D ‘Souz in which it was established in 2009, it is in the other booking website information aggregated into their own platform, through the vivid and intuitive interface design, let the consumer can quickly find what you want the ticket, but tickets need to assist with other ticketing website. D ‘Souza and his team set up fan scoring system, according to the user for the ticket price satisfaction, stadium seat satisfaction and other factors to which grade.

Hossein Razzaghi: sports social applications FanCred

if the company is the world’s largest professional networking sites, then FanCred is global sports fan favorite social networking sites. Users can share the picture of the sports events on the website, also can through the social network continue to focus on their favorite team (FanCred dig deeper into the data, for the user to establish personal files, build exclusive file) for their favorite team. In addition, users also can pass build sports social circle and friends talk about sports. Although FanCred isn’t the first to provide users with the functions of sports social networking sites, but Razzaghi (before he is BrightCove video service company’s regional sales executives) and his team have successfully through its own network, it has its own official partner, and also established good relations of the leading sports brand, such as CarolinaPanthers, Boston Red Sox; There are a lot of players (NFL star los “minogue Iraq), joined the FanCred. This reason let users support this app, FanCred symptoms of empty room won’t appear many social networks.

Nik Bonaddio: sports events forecast platform numberFire

on numberFire platform are never short of sports news and motion analysis data; Not only that, but it also forecast events (quasi) than the octopus predicted. Before this is why yahoo software engineer Bonaddio willing to spend a lot of time to start the advanced mathematical analysis method to predict the platform of sporting events. NumberFire also provide many wonderful news story for the fans, such as the Cleveland cavaliers (NBA) is a professional basketball team team whether spent big money on the free-agent market, why Justin Forsett worth fans. Than the fans to read some written by local authors what a coach will be the second and third was much more fun to a team head coach, those things like Nate Silver538 blog writing, dull.

Justin Kifer: sports social networking websites Sportsy

for sports, sports social networking websites Sportsy Kifer started similar to fitness DailyBurn social networking web site, and those of the traditional sports of social networking sites are different. Sportsy teaches fans of their favorite professional skill. Kifer, from the successful experience of American official website MyLife search human found an export (figure search engine MyLife in 2011 group-buying CitizenLocal), and set up the platform to teaching others related sports skills. , for instance, their “kick your highest level,” teaching part, require the user to watch high quality video content (skill); It has a big challenge for users, it the high skill requirements, do you want to achieve effectively offense and defense. Sportsy on the types of the other sports baseball, figure skating and hockey.


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