if the handsome boy to wash gargle troubled every morning?

every morning, we in order to keep vitality, all went into the bathroom to shave, brush my teeth, wash your face. Although we are reluctant to.

some people can not help but ask: since apple watches the advent of convenience to our life, and can’t invent like animated rooms a robot to service for us? So, this makes us think whether really can find a way to simplify the beauty.

however, the rapid development of science and technology has greatly improved People’s Daily life. In the past few years, hairdressing technology has made great progress. Below, we in order to give you advice, some of the latest beauty technology products for the test, for your choice.

1. The philips Sonicare toothbrush Airfloss Pro

product description: new Airfloss series air water floss continuation of the advantages of the traditional model. New Airfloss driven by air, just press the button, the Airfloss Pro particles will be formed between the teeth and teeth drops, achieve the goal of clean teeth.

conclusion: use dental floss to clean teeth and arduous, and always makes us unhappy. As long as find the right way, we can get rid of this problem. And use the Airfloss not only convenient, and good effect. Just press the button, it will help you to clean your teeth, it is highly recommended.

price: $89,

2. Foreo cleansing instrument Luna men

product description: Foreo Luna men cleansing instrument using low frequency pulse technology, can effectively overcome the razor discomfort, it is a great breakthrough. Is used as a skin cleansing instrument one side brush to clean the skin, the other side is smooth, have anti-aging effects.

conclusion: Luna in anti-aging doesn’t seem to have obvious effect, but the skin brush with it still feel good. But we are not sure whether the product really so magical, as it says, hand wipe and are not in a cleanser.

price: $199

3. Clarisonic Opal (eye massager)

product description: the size of the palm of your hand the eye essence of import instrument use soft silicone, around your eyes more than 200 times per second acoustic massage, reduce eye swelling and relieve black rim of the eye. At the same time, it also can promote the absorption of eye cream.

the conclusion that we remember the Clarisonic Mia just listed at the time of the scene. Mia’s sister product Opal was born, now also is impressive. We are sure that after a period of use, Opal will play a role in anti-aging, but we haven’t seen the high price of $185. We prefer to apply eye cream with the hand, you know, with the hand can be much cheaper.

price: $185

4. The novel mask Illumask anti-aging (light)

product description: this kind of mask can emit a certain wavelength of red and blue light, lead to acne effectively inhibited bacteria, anti-inflammatory and makes skin evenly.

the conclusion that it is a perfect Halloween mask. Wear it like a one-eyed monster. It has two temples and a nose pad like sunglasses. It also has automatic opening and closing for 15 minutes period of red and blue lights, the equipment for music platform company DJ Snake is a cool gear. Want to see results in two weeks, you must use every day. We use only a week and a half before they stopped, but still achieved good result: the skin becomes smooth, fold is reduced. But it is strange that the skin becomes not easy out of gas.

price: $29.95

5. Go primer (tooth whitening)

product description: the product USES Hyperox technology, strict to pure hydrogen peroxide and other ingredients and enhance blu-ray. Just two weeks can have the effect of whitening teeth.

the conclusion that the study found that using the Go primer can relieve the stimulation of teeth are frozen, avoid your tooth is sensitive to cold too. So for ice cream lovers, this is a good thing. If you are willing to pay $199 for a new toothbrush, then you can try this product. If you feel too expensive, so I still insist on teeth whitening line.

price: $199

6. Philips Beardtrimmer series 9000 razors

product description: philips razor blades which can guide the user through the laser projection cut beard of the shape and the length is perfect. Laser projection guide, as the name implies, namely in the handle of the razor blade is installed on the laser projection equipment, before the first cut can be projected in the position of the face, in the mirror can clear positioning, so you don’t put the beard shaved on both sides of the slanting.

the conclusion that is not good at using technology products of the people are not suitable for use the razor. For the public, the function of the razor is very complete. It just like zoom wheel can help you accurately positioning. It also has a small LED display, can show the length of the user Settings, very practical. Of course, there are secondary laser projection. However, learning how to use the razor is to spend some time. For those who don’t have the time and the patience of men, or recommend the use of traditional razor.

price: $99.99,


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