, according to Forbes, 25, Evans, skin, as “burn after reading” photo sharing application Snapchat, chief executive officer of the family, but already have a net worth of us $1.5 billion, making him the youngest billionaires in the world.

Snapchat is released at the beginning, it was seen as main sent the application of pornographic content. , he has sent a group of indecent in university, this group of mail in May this year in silicon valley famous gossip website was revealed on Valleywag, mail contents include indecent photos and insulting comments about women. This made him look like a jerk with gender discrimination.

now, and the application have attracted great attention of advertisers, and, oneself also become mature.

twitter CEO dick, Costello said, is “one of the best product concept.” Here are some skin’s sayings, can prove that he is now and brotherhood period that he is not the same, he grew up, became a respected CEO.

the reason why he didn’t sell Snapchat to Facebook . He said: “there are very few in the world to do business like me, but I really not interested in business to obtain short-term interests.”

about him opinion of social media on behalf of the real social – he said: “this along the way, when we are doing social media products, but we forget the reason that they want to chat with friends, forget the communication itself.”

why before Snapchat successfully created has never give up, he said: “we should continue to practice, accept failure, we should have tried nearly 34 program.”

about the importance of “things are fleeting” , he said: “with intention to preserve and captured something in a hurry and share STH. Has the very big difference, but they are intertwined. Has no meaning for using the Internet to express themselves, because we are using a mobile phone, mobile phone can be connected to any corner of the world.”

about view of future technology (and how we talk about it), he said: “in the next 100 years, computer information processing technology, the biggest bottleneck is a metaphor.”


in persistence , he said: “at the time of despair, you may believe that a cynic, and think that no matter how hard, can’t life. Sometimes really hard to perceive the subtle changes, but I ask you to remember that human potential is unlimited, you never know where is the bottom line.”

When talking about

inattention this phenomenon, he said: “in a conversation, dialogue between the two sides at the same time, it is very important to focus on the conversation, if we can always work hard and to emphasize the importance of it will be our victory – we will win a holy grail. This caught the essence part of the conversation, you and I are in conversation, we are paying attention to each other, the feeling is very good.

Mda about

, he said: “one thing about creativity is very sad, we fear often hinder our creativity… I think everyone is born very, very, very creative and just because did not dare to try, killing our creativity.”

about those who let a person get goose bumps advertising , he added: “some brands will try to be your friend, it is quite awkward. A brand is the need to take a friendly attitude towards customers, this is very important, but excessive intimacy is not too happy.”

about the disadvantage of social media , he points out: “I think, from dawn to dusk on marketing yourself, can make you feel weak; As people began to manage their personal information, the idea of a personal brand began to become more and more popular, the welcome continues to this day.”

about success, he said: “if your product is too tight, don’t busy lonely at the top, hurriedly go a step, find out what is you don’t want to sell.”

Privilege about

,,,, said: “I was a young, white men received a good education. I really, really lucky. This life is not fair.”


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