(text/Chen Tianqi)

the development of domestic tourism market is on the rise in recent years, the living conditions of citizens, groups traveling become the norm. To the people “the world so big, I want to see”‘s dream seems to fall into a cycle, one side is in pocket money desperately want to go out for a walk, one side is trying to put a relax travel evolved into compulsive shopping travel agency, and the scenic area of sudden explosion of traffic. Travel dream in such a mess. And justification from traditional shopping type of tour and travel to a different road of the traveler.

justification is a start-up company, provides travel services tailored for young travellers create customised travel experience, give them freedom, young state of ways of traveling. Now mainly provide long-distance travel, weekends, light travel three kinds of way to travel. The long journey pay attention to experience the local scenery, photographic elements interwoven; Weekends to relax, time at the weekend leisure trip, so generally choose the route is not tired; Light travel is a bit like douban city activities, but added the elements of travel.

experience is an indicator of justification travel very seriously. Founder Yang Xinghao mentioned many times in the process of interview experience, “our advantage is the product of experience is good, hope to provide a high quality, free, carefree way to travel. Although compared with the traditional travel agency price advantage is not obvious, but the traditional travel agency for tourists shopping and at his own expense way we don’t, because it will bring bad user experience.”

traditional domestic travel agencies usually arrange some general route for tourists to choose, and the big attraction is the place that will go to, this also lead to every holiday in scenic view is “people mountain people sea”. Justification to travel want to solve the market pain points, hope for young people planning more authentic, more local culture, so on the arrangement of the scenic spot, walk is small but distinctive place. In xiamen as an example, the choice of local culture such as Marine culture, take visitors to sea fishing, fishermen’s life experience, walking in the streets of xiamen, experience the beauty of a city, can also be under the guidance of the leader, local flavor snacks, eating rather than shopping full agenda.

the leader, is we the core. They distributed in various industries, they have one thing in common, is the love of travel. In the process of the manager used the weekend leisure time led, led, in addition to tell the players the local culture and practical information, also live together with the players to play. These are different from different team leader to bring players in the field of travel experience, they are like the neighbor’s big brother big sister, give a person with kindness. Yang Xinghao also worked as a manager, now like route will power with the players to experience, he laughed and convective cloud network said, “I can feel and different personality people together for a few days, in the field of communication is also a very wonderful thing every day, after a journey, I and the players will have to contact, we became good friends.”

with buss Yang Xinghao do similar things and Beijing and Shanghai VIVA traveller, due to these Internet occupy north guang city for the development of more mature, the market is relatively large. VIVA traveler excavated in the trip to elements such as bicycle, city walk, in the quarter as rich travel, travel and justification are more likely the product itself, let visitors feel the local landscape in the process of travel, to understand the local culture.

the team aspect, the founder of Yang Xinghao is mountaineering association in college, and with the junior partner in mountain climbing, play out the status of the let him like it very much, so the job three years later, Yang Xinghao resolutely decided to start a travel agency can provide tourists with good travel experience. At a time when working together with him in the mountaineering association of three friend as co-founder joined the team. When it comes to the purpose of the business, Yang Xinghao convective cloud network said, “we do everything is in order to travel, I hope in our efforts, to domestic travel change.”

justification to travel next want to develop a travel APP, is biased towards the free line, allows users to communicate with each other, each other on the platform through the combination of online brings a better user experience. Is seeking financing.