cloud network hunting note: superior conditions to the San Francisco bay area, and is always the vc circle the center of the hurricane of startups in the area of value both in early and late ahead of the rest of America. VC and momentum in recent years to grow, tech giant is more and more realized that in addition to direct purchase has the potential to start-up team, also can rely on investment method occupy vantage ground ahead of time.

in this paper, from the red dot investment TOMASZ TUNGUZ

in the past six months, according to the disclosure, VC for a total of $57 billion of investment, this makes the largest venture capital investment in the history of more than 2015 years in 2000. So which area is affected by the wind investment gold rush?

the past year, risk investment share

above wind investment gold against the United States the most popular areas of 12 were compared, and outlined the wind investment gold in different areas in different amount of investment. One of the red line refers to the monthly investment share, the blue line represents the development trend of linear regression, the shaded part is standard deviation.

according to the chart shows, the wind investment gold in biotechnology, health care and social network has a growth trend. At the same time, compared to the past, now the electronic commerce field in analysis and account for the wind but smaller share of gold investment.

seed and growing investment in gold wind divided areas share

if we compare a seed investment and growth will be able to see some of the other trends. Even if, for example, start-up companies in the field of electronic commerce in the past year in the seeds of investment from more than 15% share, but in the growth of investment is only 11% growth. Relatively, the enterprise business software company in the seed of the wind investment gold not expected much, but in the growth of investment in gold wind, yet more than expected.

the biggest surprise is the market, education, and start-ups in seed and growth of the vast difference between the investment in gold wind, namely growth accounts for only a third of the seed investment, this kind of phenomenon has heralded the market by the favour of early into the late don’t look good.

these data shows investors’ money flow trend between different areas. But unfortunately, this does not reveal which one field has a higher return on investment, or the next great start-ups where birth is a field.


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