nowadays, more and more people are traveling, buy specialty in tourist destination also become a basic outline of tourists. In the tourist shopping price high, difficult to make the choice, not convenient also become tourists travel pain points. “Three stupid bear” with specialty O2O pattern to break the traditional tourist shopping chain, committed to do the national tourism products especially recommend specialty, and focus on localization service in destination.

project founder Mao He tell hunting cloud network, the main functions of the “three stupid bear” is: graphic introduction scenic spots, hotels recommended, line guide, tour guide recognition, such as special order, tourists can sweep through code in the hotel for the hotel WIFI password, can sweep through code identification in the guide of tour guide details, in the scenic area can get attractions such as graphic introduction by typing keywords.

“three stupid bear” shelf products involve extensive, from the food of handicrafts, all with local characteristics, will be moved through strict screening to three stupid bear shelves, for consumers to choose from. Platform also by analyzing large data out of the tourists love, get the most value of the purchase products stay within the platform. Its source is the famous local specialty production enterprise, to guarantee the quality at the same time also has the price advantage, set up a “producer – three stupid bear – consumers” direct path. First compensate and provide services, buy a specialty of any problems, three little clumsy bear will help customers to solve first, to communicate with factory.

due to the special local homogeneity phenomenon is more serious, “three stupid bear” in an attempt to create a specialty of different tourist destination city business card. Mao He told hunting cloud network, “for example, chengde, we’ll do it himself a chengde benevolence, in chengde local rich almond products as raw material, USES the local traditional ways, almond will table delicacies made into the characteristics of portable products. We will continue to dig out the next 3 to 5 other representative characteristic product.”

in the tourist destination avenues of cooperation mainly includes: the team, hotels, scenic spots, travel agencies, tour guides, etc. All avenues of cooperation is a terminal, such as hotel, will transform the hotel’s wireless network cooperation, do mobile phone micro letter scan code directly connected to the Internet, which is convenient for tourists, it also can release the pressure of the hotel front desk customer service, saves on the visitors asked, input the WIFI password, but also to push its own brand information to tourists. Mao He says, in cooperation with the hotel, three stupid bear sweep code every day through the Internet users in more than 2000, the precipitation amount of fans has exceeded 10000.

“three stupid bear” currently operating WeChat public and taobao shop, line App next meeting, by the user with the App, specialty WeChat scanning bar code or pictures directly, you can identify the product, to determine the position of the tourists, characteristic index is given, and the normal market price.

chengde is “three stupid bear” in the first testing field, and its perfect and data collecting zone model, the operation mode of the team from chengde area, summed up a set of effective way of operating, and then quickly copy to expand to other national tourist destination.

founder Mao He, serial entrepreneur and former new chengde founder, chengde city vice chairman of the Internet, there are specialty e-commerce practical experience. Co-founder zhang, serial entrepreneur, former grassroots network founder, founder of Taiwan island travel network, there are more than a decade of Internet operation and experience. Co-founder guo phase, chengde, integrity international travel service, a deputy general manager, the original hebei farmers newspaper chengde workstation stationmaster, chengde city Internet association secretary general, ten years of experience in tourist experience and offline operation.

Mao He to hunt cloud network, according to the project currently did not obtain financing, expected to melt angel investment of 5 million yuan. Will be used in team building, barriers to suppliers and OEM, coach and guide channels barriers, the hotel intelligence WIFI coverage barriers, logistics distribution and promotion, etc.