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when all entrepreneurs will be gathered in the city car pool, even for their sacrifice, somebody will instead, hunting cloud network reported today “steamed stuffed bun carpool” is one of them. The steamed stuffed bun carpooling will point aiming at long distance, is a focus on the hot line between the two cities carpooling service platform.

the steamed stuffed bun carpooling is high in addition to iron, buses, and the emergence of a new way of intercity travel. Founder ChengGuiHua said in an interview with cloud network hunting, intercity travel demand is bigger, often commute became many passengers, the “just”, but “the bus is too slow, rent is too expensive, black car too ‘black'” became the pain points of the passengers, so the steamed stuffed bun carpooling would like to solve the problem of is the inter-city carpooling standardization.

the steamed stuffed bun carpooling to within 100 km of inter-city carpooling between city and city, city than the carpool, inter-city carpooling distance is longer, the market is more targeted, passengers more segmentation, very suitable for temporary have something urgent to go to another city, relatives and friends need to long distance, between the two cities, or the user long-term traveling between the two cities.

in the choice of vehicles and drivers, the steamed stuffed bun carpooling has its own appraisal standards, ChengGuiHua pointed out that traffic must satisfy three certificates, the driver must in 2 years driving experience. At the same time, realize the door to door instant transfers, effectively solve the problem of the customer the last kilometer, and promised to each vehicle spell at most three. ChengGuiHua, of course, also stressed that 30 minutes spell with 3 people, even become a “car” will start on time, the passengers to the destination.

as new experience of inter-city carpooling, steamed stuffed bun car pool is now opened in Beijing in May langfang special line, later will be gradually opened to other lines. The steamed stuffed bun carpool practice operate 24 hours a day, success fill the blank of other public transportation, provide the optimal ratio of ZhongDuanTu passenger travel plan.

the steamed stuffed bun carpooling team currently has about 20 people, ChengGuiHua founder has more than 20 years of passenger experience, have a passenger transport company of more than 3000 operating vehicles, other members have more beautiful group, 51 car companies such as work experience.

but, at present the carpool market competition is intense, the steamed stuffed bun carpooling many of the business is not yet mature, other products after city competition carpooling backed whether enter the inter-city carpooling, these are all for the steamed stuffed bun carpooling is still in the initial is a big challenge.

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