biking and climbing, must sweat! A – Bike in the backpack, climbing is no longer plagued you!

a of backpack small enough to fit into the electric bicycle has appeared. 26 pounds, it is one of the world’s smallest electric bicycle (otherwise the new design, the full size of finished product framework could also lose a pound).

small size is specially designed for office workers, crowded subway and convenient in the table. According to A – Bike electric designer alex’s words, “A – Bike is the perfect expression of mixed traffic, bicycle, subway, Bike will become the model of commuters travel.” (A – Bike Bike was called “the world’s lightest folding bicycles”, because “A” glyph is opened, so the designer named it A – Bike. The original designers Clive Sinclair to the British people.)

A – Bike folding frame structure is actually designed 10 years ago. Today, the electric bicycle has been warmly welcomed by more and more people, the engineers decided to design a traditional size advantage of electric bicycle. Alex said: “type folding electric bikes are usually more than 40 pounds, traditional A – Bike is not more than 13 pounds, so we strongly want to combine the advantages of both the traditional A – Bike and add A lightweight electric system. Super light motor and simple folding frame, the combination of it created the unique A – Bike electric.”

non-motor vehicle to folding bike is still in the sale of the original, and new electric is dedicated to help climbing suits workers problems. 12 miles per hour speed motor support, battery lasts two hours. If you want to exercise more, turn off the motor, it is also a good bike.

“electric section A – Bike let the Bike is no longer A coolie live, and to encourage commuters cycling, more environmental protection at the same time also can the fitness,” alex says so.

however, consumers will like a small wheels, recognized the odd bike? Don’t worry, only A few days, A – Bike had A Kickstarter funding plan. The company believes that, the more workers will join cycling team, A – Bike of unlimited future.

“potential customers after you see people use our folding bicycles will be more interested in our products,” said alex, “in big cities such as London, on the train and train more and more people using folding bikes. Imagine you are anxiously on or A crowded bus, and colleagues, spring breeze with riding A – Bike from the front, that feeling must be very strange! We firmly believe that A – Bike will blow A folding bikes fashion.”


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