this time, the mobile phone has become the necessaries of life, people have a kind of dependence on their mobile phone can. Smartphones now the price also is not low, before the change, if the phone problem certainly need to repair, but sent to repair and will encounter all sorts of trouble, such as long waiting time, high prices, accessories such as quality cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, users need a efficient and convenient maintenance team are responsible for their mobile phone.

fast digital was founded in order to solve the market pain points, and adopt the O2O mode to provide mobile phone maintenance services. Users can through the PC and WeChat end order fill in the brief information, fast digital staff will be in half an hour the door, to bring mobile phones to company maintenance good then sent back to customers quickly, the whole process only one to two hours. Inorganic available in order to solve the mobile phone repair when customer trouble, fast digital will provide spare machine, users can also download over a cloud in my address book late to the standby machine, the communication on the Internet do not delay. To the problem of how to control the service quality, founder Wu Guoshou conceived such a method, the whole process of mobile phone repair will be video, after will record maintenance video email sent to customers, let customers no longer worry about pages were substituted mobile phone accessories, etc.

the reason not to choose door-to-door service and chose a pick-up service mode, Wu Guoshou tell hunting cloud network, this is in order to provide a professional fixed maintenance environment, also has brought great convenience to clients on time. Customers no longer need to take time waiting ahead of time, also won’t because of mobile phone of “caring” and affect the daily work and study.

at present, fast digital can provide the door fast repair service in hangzhou area, only to other regions, by the express way. Cross-regional maintenance problems time does, but fast digital can offer clients the relative shop repair lower prices and more transparent. Wu Guoshou thinks that O2O service mainly advantage is to expand the number of users, so they can be also willing to put the transaction cost control is low, and to provide the maximum low prices to attract customers.

fast digital website, have a community and is about to run a prepares for the mall. Community to share dry, solve the problem, provide a customer with the company, customer and customer communication platform between teardown lovers or mobile technology blind can find what you want here. Mall to sell part of the brand of mobile phones and accessories, Wu Guoshou said, fast digital will be framed in the main business, high quality original cable selling things, though small, but it is in great demand.

fast digital core team consists of five fresh out of college created, the current team a total of more than two dozen people. Founder Wu Guoshou started trying to start a business at the university, to send takeout, sell a storage battery, also successful operation of a small platform, rich business experience accumulated a lot of experience. After graduation, he with a original open digital shop friends cooperation, aware of the problems with the traditional phone service industry and the high demand of the industry, the final decision from O2O phone quickly make the cut for entrepreneurship. In the early stage of the promotion, that’s propaganda, in their own schools in the near future to continue to push, and plans to expand the cooperation with universities in September. Wu Guoshou tell hunting cloud network, received customer feedback is good at present, the customer is given priority to with young people, and efficient process can bring many convenience to the customer.

fast digital launched operation on July 5, a group of fresh graduates are on the way business. For entrepreneurs, persistence is a kind of valuable spirit, because the road was destined to be full of thorns. Fast digital is not exceptional also, such as the website construction encountered technical difficulties, and outsourcing is not to force, has delayed the launch time. Wu Guoshou said, for entrepreneurship, don’t expect environment bring you what, but should look forward to what you can create.

phone repair O2O platform at present in the national population has not less, more famous, such as Zealer, located in shenzhen, facing the whole country, use mailing way; Home appliance housekeeper are mainly concentrated in Beijing, using the door maintenance mode. Hangzhou area have several similar maintenance platform. But Wu Guoshou thinks, at present the market is relatively dispersed, competition must have, but at an early stage is the most important is to set up own brand platform, as long as there is awareness of the brand to attract users, the platform can run.

the early stage of the fast digital team is funded by several, co-founder of the individual, is seeking financing.