according to data shows, nearly 140 million domestic car ownership in China in 2014, the year sales volume to 24.19 million vehicles, inventory is as high as 230000 vehicles, inventory pressure showed a trend of increase. As a car dealership counterparts clear stocks specifically for B2B integrated automobile electric business platform, the springboard network committed to the traditional auto industry transformation of the Internet, the early focus on car information, later will launch vehicle logistics, insurance, third party payment, merchants and car loan and other supporting services.

the springboard network at present nearly 20 people, team members, respectively, from the traditional industry, electricity industry and automobile industry. Founder Richard cheung kuen former Kylin International Helmet Company Ltd., director of business in China, and explore the product line for first-line brands abroad. Co-founder nimo as Sheffield computer professional master degree, who have served many Internet companies after graduation, with the electricity industry. At the same time, the springboard network to set up the car with the electricity industry professional advisers.

“Internet + car” innovation mode comes from the founder Richard cheung kuen keen grasp of traditional auto industry sales spot. “Side car dealer friends have a lot of inventory and capital pressure, just want to can through the platform’s strength to service this kind of group.” “Springboard net” thus arises at the historic moment, it is designed to ease the car dealer inventory pressure and capital, facing to help transform the Internet of traditional auto industry.

cloud network hunting, springboard net on May 13, launched in 2015, is currently selling brand in 90, a total of 1908 cars, 252 in enterprises. In terms of vehicle information, so far has issued 580 options available information, 135 for the car information. “Springboard net” is understood to have car insurance products, Pacific insurance together hand in hand to develop Internet will gradually improve its automobile B2B trading platform for comprehensive function.

on the business model, “springboard net” by breaking the traditional car dealership peer transfer trade barriers, release supply-demand information, for merchants to provide free door-to-door logistics, such as free testing service innovation model, lives to cut into the circle as the user to use platform main functions, such as logistics, insurance, payment, business credit, such as the service function, finally realizes the trading closed loop in springboard network and large amounts of money flowing water.

competing goods, the springboard network current competitors are dealership with niuniu automobile net 168 such online automobile trading site mainly for ordinary users. “With other difference both in springboard network focused on enterprises’ 90%, 10% individual users locate ‘.” Richard cheung kuen tell hunting cloud network, different from other automobile trading intermediary nature, the springboard network focus on the quality of car business circle platform strategy, and based on the exchange users need a series of services.

Richard cheung kuen said, at present the springboard network problems mainly in the talents, management and funds. However, Richard cheung kuen said, “springboard net” the next step will further enhance the combat effectiveness team with planning, such as change the way of communication and motivation, options, performance fees and a series of ways. And will to the bohai sea, the pearl river delta, Yangtze river delta and other promotional 15 cities and gradually expand the springboard network brand awareness, get more users, through its own profit or outside investment to further expand the business, in order to attract more talent and money.

according to cloud network understanding, hunting “springboard net” at this stage for their own capital investment, has officially opened A round of funding plan, has been in contact with the domestic and foreign well-known venture capital firms, financing needs for 20 million yuan.