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film wangbu has a classic dialogue: “the most expensive in the 21st century? Talent!” . Similarly, in the Internet and related industries, equally important, but the technology is also essential. Rare earth nuggets hunting cloud network today introduced is gathering talents and Internet to the value of the platform.

re the nuggets are divided into and two parts. Beginning, the Denver nuggets is only a small section of rare earth on, due to user feedback effect is good, rare earth founding team decided to take the nuggets as a separate project operation, will be the rare earth into the order of the Denver nuggets.

“in founding team point of view, rare earth is made a personal address book, let us very convenient contact anyone.” Rare earth the Denver nuggets, the founder of Yin Ming said jokingly. Rare earth is a recommended by rare earth user can real, touch to the Internet and related personnel of community, the equivalent of talent recommendation version of the Product to Hunt. Recommended person after being friends recommend and agree, will form a user’s personal page, rare earth which will have its in each social platform and community and personal home page link. At present, the technical personnel of rare earth on a total of about 1400 people, they are also the Denver nuggets of the initial users. Although gathered a lot of technical talents, but Yin Ming didn’t want to rare earth into a recruitment website, but to make rare earths natural grow up to be a community of technical talents.

the nuggets are precipitation for rare earth content, is a high quality content found based on Internet technology, sharing platform, including iOS, Android, front-end and back-end, such as design under the classification of daily selected content. Mobile client and collect and read on user behavior records, making it easier for users to be able to find ever read or collection of articles. Another editor, can view all of the Denver authors.

at present, many technical articles sharing channel has solidified, the selection of high quality content is not enough. Yin Ming think: make filtering content, with the help of rare earth on the excellent talents can make a more guaranteed the quality of content. So the nuggets are the content on the jointly by the user as a Co – Editors of rare earth on editing. A third is rare earth team, two-thirds are rare earth users. Since the nuggets online editing team has passed from the first 15 people to more than 50 people. Yin Ming also said that when the nuggets on the user through the behavior such as reading, collections of one kind of knowledge accumulation to a certain extent, will allow him to published articles.

for the development of rare earth after the nuggets, Yin Ming said mainly embodied in the following three aspects:

it is the content: the nuggets on more detailed classification of content, form an information network. For example, under the article B, C, D three related labels, B will have the related content in the label. So make decision if you want to get more attention to the data content, understand the user’s preferences, for later to prepare the content of the push for users more accurate.

2 operations: Yin Ming believes that pain points can solve the demand of the users to download App, while Yang points can meet the requirements of users using the App. Based on this, the nuggets will open up a discussion forum, allows the user to ridicule or send some fun things, to attract the attention of the user.

the third is the nuggets plan opens up to the company engineer section of content, if there is a lot of people attention, also can open up the discussion area. Opens up to ali’s front end engineer, for example, publish content section, make the company technical personnel have released technology content of the channel.

re Denver’s founding team a total of four people, respectively is Yin Ming, jiang Bian, hui-wen Lin, ming-ze li. Its CEO Yin Ming graduated from Cambridge university, during the graduate students to do the first project, never put off until tomorrow what can be called a teacher. The second project of rare earth Denver is Yin Ming entrepreneurship.