cloud network hunting note: Google Doc from Office times until now, the development of the Internet has been changing the way people’s Office. However this were not enough to satisfy the Quip, the founder of Taylor, his hope that the future is a world to documented. People can share the document to modify equipment anytime and anywhere. When the revolutionary change, accustomed to the traditional people and how to deal with?

Quip of chief executive officer Bret Taylor believed that in the near future, computer files will be a thing of the past, at the same time become the memories and we have been accustomed to click save floppy disk icon.

although there is the idea of more than one Taylor, but Quip in the past few years has been working hard to try to accelerate the pace of “documented” – a Quip about their lightweight, professional web documents and spreadsheets editor itself as the collaboration of the Office software. Quip don’t use any traditional file system or format. Each document directly set up within the application, any change will quickly save to the cloud storage. You can import or export Office files, but it seems more like a compromise of Office software universality rather than specific design features.

today, Quip launched a further challenge to the traditional file, in addition to the existing iOS, Android, and network platform, localized Windows and Mac applications also joined the Quip family. New application looks and network platform version almost the same, but the chaos in the browser and the lack of Internet connection can also be used when all of the functions. Mac version of the application also supports the Spotlight, so users can directly from the apple system directly search the document content in the menu bar. Of course, even if you’re browsing the directory, you still can’t find any file on the Quip shadow. Some say Quip, like Google Drive and a combination of Office, but at the same time abandoned the redundant functions. The

“we strive to make desktop software can be used offline, on the other hand stick to abandon the file as the core unit of concept.” Taylor said.

Taylor argues that Quip innovation reform is to the document, such as Netflix and to reform the innovation of the video and music services. Although unable to change their file, but a large number of on-demand media library is greatly make up for the deficiency of the former, Taylor want simple and efficient Quip editing tools can be phased out of the traditional document requirements.

how alluring creativity! But privately, I still have a little hope Taylor point of view is wrong.

the rise of streaming media document

for music and video, it is easy to understand why the user-oriented file will gradually disappear. Services like Netflix and services provide users with more media choices, not to mention on all of your equipment storage media. With the popularity of high-speed Internet, on-demand streaming from the cloud storage is obvious and convenient.

but Quip for document to the interpretation of the document is slightly different. Word and Excel file itself is not big, fast enough to completely downloaded to the local devices, and account for only a small amount of hard disk storage space. So, why not use Dropbox or Microsoft cloud storage services such as OneDrive to save read your Office files anytime and anywhere? Why must use Quip?

“for individual users, the use of cloud storage service can solve a lot of trouble,” Taylor explains, “but collaboration, scared you.” The

Taylor went on to explain, if use file, in the common writing editing documents will cause a lot of the synchronization problems. Two people at the same time to upload a document in the same Office can cause system can’t identify, can only generate two different versions of files. For example, in the case of wireless network is not smooth, people might not be able to synchronize other colleagues file update operations.

“modify the same file together forever is a headache problem,” Taylor said, “our breakthrough is to put the document into a smaller unit.”

, for example, if someone offline editing the content of the paragraph, and another colleague moved this paragraph, so when the two users to connect to the network, the Quip can do it for two people at the same time. This software has the advantage of synchronous only that part of the documents have been modified, to avoid the version conflict, also accelerates the synchronous speed. If the rewriting of accident, such as modified the same words – document sidebar will show “dynamic news”, allow the user to quickly identify repeat edit operation.

some document does not need direct coordinated operations, such as the company’s new staff training materials, can also be system operation will be more and more. Such as synchronization need to document automatically from the cloud to a user’s PC, users can quickly edit still after storage. “Because Quip is designed for the team and the company product, here is the world of the document, though does not belong to you, you can access the download, can read on your computer to edit.”

document common editing and streaming endless directories in a sense, have their similarities, it is: abandon the file!

file battle

in the conversation with Taylor, I frankly admitted that his idea makes me feel a little worried. To file the document editing does have a variety of advantages, but the actual operation of file also has its special significance.

if the file, I can freely choose the document editor, such as giving up the blog LibreOffice instead, without the need for documentation. Similarly, I also can switch to another Quip can’t support platform, such as Windows Phone, and as long as compatible program has been running I can browse the files at random. I can give the document to add security password or put the document in the encrypted folder, I can completely control file storage location, casually backups to multiple cloud storage services or to the local hard disk. Quip, by contrast, the service needs to be based on a higher trust.

to it must have certain measures can ensure that users have control of your own file. However, he still thought the problem not do more harm than good.

therefore, Taylor with my past experience as an example. He recalled, he rarely used smartphone email at the beginning, usually only can read the information on your phone, and then use a notebook computer. With the passage of time, he also profound changes have taken place in the habit of. More accustomed to the email on your phone, now he is on the phone to check E-mail anywhere. Between “I think in the same way, all these products for us, whether real-time collaboration or other, is becoming more and more important, although a began to old and new world can make a person feel fear of change, but eventually people and accept new things.”

this is not to say that such as portable document on such issues, there is no room for improvement or other way. If the Quip really want to thoroughly documented, it needs to be done and there are many. At least let users like me to accept slowly “to file” this shift.

it is also possible, but I too persistent, I had the habit of way is that I need to accept the reality. However, Taylor seems to be interested in our conversation. “Emotional is a little different,” he continued, “but I believe as time goes on we can finally find a satisfy all user experience.”


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