editor’s note: successful startups should not only benefit the investors, should adhere to improve people’s life and work more entrepreneurial idea, so the startup has a remarkable influence. This article take you have a thorough understanding of the recent 9 big influential startups, look how they benefit the human society.

today, “startup” influence in the start-up world more and more attention. Whether investors and incubator or large companies, and they hope to bring in “high power” and “high potential” start-up, but few rational analysis type influence the definition of entrepreneurial firms.

in fact, many people do not know this concept, or a type with the easy success of potential startups. Even some people may think that the potential type of startup in three years the average annual growth will be 20% higher than a year of growth.

, I type is defined as influential startups than benefit its shareholders, as well as employees, customers, suppliers, the public and the environment factors, etc. These startups, provide more employment opportunities, promote innovation, to create wealth, to bring unprecedented products and markets, to generate a new network, the most important is to bring the world to the talents and knowledge. At the macro level, countries and cities to realize innovation can promote economic development.

usually, most of the company focus on how to get a slice of pie (interest), rather than the whole piece of pie (overall value), which is the key to influence, entrepreneurial company stand out.” More than 250 entrepreneurs involved in Boston for a period of four months enterprise incubation program. During this time they can free access to resources and opportunities, including tutor, office space, and the use of the global network of opportunities. These entrepreneurs from different industries, including retail, high-tech, low technology, clean technology, life sciences, social impact, and nongovernmental organizations (ngos).

we hatch from participation in all areas of project startup type influence the startup is selected. We work to improve, learning, communication and life as a standard, are very difficult to screen.


Railpod – track inspection robot

use of the software and hardware combination form, not only effectively reduce the cost of traditional railway testing, more to improve the efficiency of detection. It access to data and analysis can help track engineers quickly detect the rail failure, and will be returned to the maintenance work at first. RailPod economic section, not only for company and more effectively to ensure the safety of the train passengers or cargo. RailPod also provides many billions of dollars of track detection industry they need big data.

2. MedAware – health care

feelings in for a child to avoid mistake and life events, medical prescription Gidi Stein, jointly created the Israeli company in 2012. Each year in the United States today, only because the incidence of prescription errors caused by waste, mortality, and medical expenses, have to endanger the safety of the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. MedAware combined with large data analysis and machine learning algorithms, it not only analyses the prescription, and even remind prescription of the inaccuracies, thus effectively avoid the prescription errors.

since MassChallenge won $1.8 million, GE Ventures and OurCrowd are its investors. In addition, it is in Fast Company “in 2015, the world’s top ten most innovative Israeli Company” up in the rankings.

3. Altaeros – clean energy technology

is currently in development by air wind turbine manufacturing rich and cheap renewable energy. The company’s space technology will be the use of safe and reliable wind turbines to wind strong high (more than 600 meters above sea level), greatly improving the efficiency. With the diesel generator and other renewable technology, Altaeros is designed to reduce the energy consumption of up to 65% of the wind generator.

so far, the company has from the United States department of agriculture, the national science foundation, the California energy commission, Maine, Massachusetts institute of technology, clean energy center, energy innovation of New England, conocophillips energy prize, Alaska energy administration organization so as to obtain financing. Recently, it has obtained the softbank’s $7 million investment.

4. ArtLifting – social impact

Liz and Spencer, co-founder of Powers and other launched in late 2013, and to the capital injection of $4000. ArtLifting is to the homeless, the disabled, and poor artists and buyers of the Bridges. In the past, many talented artists to participate in a hospital or a shelter arts groups, so as to continue to create outstanding works, but their work is not stable and sustainable market. Fortunately, the emergence of ArtLifting solved this problem.

the company through two channels selling these artists: network marketing and cooperation with commercial property. ArtLifting hatch in the Harvard Innovation Lab, as well as MassChallenge, it recently aid 20 artists, mostly from Boston. The Powers has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign, received $20000 in financing to The ArtLifting generalized five major cities — New York, Detroit, San Francisco, Chicago, and Washington, d.c., and added 65 artists as aid.

5. Dimples – software

once a young to communicate with the government, improve the government printing fonts, for they save the printing costs nearly $500 million a year. His idea is to keep the original font size at the same time, reduce the height and width of each word. Then the idea of change is very limited, ordinary users can completely through the narrow size in order to achieve a similar effect.

however, a start-up company provided by the patent technology broke the limit, it makes the institutions in the case of using existing fonts can be reduced by 30% – 40% of the cost. The company improve the ink and toner saving software, so that the newspapers, magazines and other printed products costs down. Dimples, in short, the patent method is using the unique perforation for printing, printing technology to effectively reduce the use of expensive printer ink and toner, but only from the naked eye can not see print holes.

6. RallyPoint – network and social influence

founded by two American veterans, two people in Baghdad’s first met in the battlefield. The company went public in 2012, aims to make veterans success into the private sector, has received $6.5 million in venture financing, and a member of the site has more than 300000. RallyPoint also appointed in the near future LinkedIn, co-founder of Konstantin Guericke into its own board of directors.

7. Handy – the Internet

by two harvard business school students founded in 2010, initially called Handybook. Changed household cleaning and maintenance of the company, the industry can individual users on its network platform due to household cleaning services, or make a reservation for free handyman door-to-door service. Handy has received $4.5 million in financing, Forbes magazine called “the most popular startup” in 2014. The company recently acquired Mopp used as the development of its UK business.

8. Alkeus Pharmaceuticals, health care

is a biotechnology company, main development blindness treatment. It is the most advanced treatment project is using a new kind of compound to treat with age type dry macular degeneration and Stargardt disease, these two diseases are leading to blindness and teenagers over 50 patients blindness of the culprit. For Stargardt (hereditary), there is no approved drugs, and the prevalence of up to one over ten thousand. Alkeus has to find effective ways to resist this kind of blindness disease. In 2011 it won the MassChallenge diamond champion, bonus of $100000.

9. RelayRides – intelligent transportation

is the world’s first and largest P2P sharing a market. With reality and shoulder to shoulder, Uber RelayRides is one of leaders of P2P on loan, is also the P2P car rental market pioneer. RelayRides angel financing and wind nearly more than $50 million total investment in gold, and preparing for further utilizing the rapidly developing field of P2P.