cloud network hunting note: “free” the word has an innate magic, no one can not stand for it. In the process of brand management. “Free” has become a brand development and explore new opportunities. How to use the beloved “free” to create value for the company, is the problem that every company should think carefully.

the most influential two words in the English language is “free” and “sex”. In contrast, the latter seems to be a bit indecent, while the former is a development of all companies should take advantage of opportunities.

“free” the psychological effect of

when studying the reactions of people for free items, behavioral science researcher Dan Ariely found free of this phenomenon is “pure positive role”, he believes that “free to create an emotional response, it makes us value more what”, but he also said “we don’t think what’s wrong with 0, it’s just a we think different categories”. There is a kind of magical attraction free of charge. Considering the word used in the advertising and marketing process of the high frequency consumers begin to doubt.

most people understand that there is no heaven fell pie thing in the world, the so-called “free” usually need through some kind of price. Such as through registration name, email address or personal information such as address to get free goods. In 2014, the customer experience SDL solution company released a study shows that 55% of surveyed with customers via social media brand communication in order to get free goods, about 62% of the customers by doing this to get the goods discount. Customer understand the real meaning of “free”, are willing to pay for this kind of “free”.

for dealers, in order to attract consumers, goods at a discount is a kind of simple method. But research shows that is a free call more irresistible behavior. In 2012, a group of researchers at the university of Minnesota’s carlson school of management from the United States is the consumer attitude to discount is studied. The economist said: “in one experiment, researchers sell hand cream, one kind is with a gift, the other is a discount product, the value, but the result of the former sold 73% more”. The experiment results show that the consumers prefer to buy goods with gifts rather than sales. Free stuff will cause more strongly than discount emotional responses.

how to use the “free” to profit

companies tend to be charge through to provide goods and services and create a turnover. In fact, even can still profit for customers to provide free goods company. Goods can reap the benefits, the situation seems to be contrary to our intuition, but according to the personal finance writer Martha C.W hite’s point of view, the company in providing free products can get the following benefits: five

1. Consumers might buy more products

2. Consumers may be willing to pay higher price in the future

3. Gifts than sales will be value-added

4. Brand can use gift to promote other products

5. Get free goods consumers will be to create brand publicity and word of mouth

all in all, provide consumers with free goods is a very effective measures of brand development.

Kantar Media2011 in the report, released in 2500 shoppers for object, investigate factors stimulate them to increase the sales. One of the most important two factors is “free shipping” and “return” for free. In the process of analysis of the results, neural marketing expert Roger Dooley said: “it seems to deal the key message is’ free ‘”. For electronic commerce, provide free product can easily increase the number of orders and customer lifetime value (CLV).

in most cases, free products provide makes the relationship between the customers and the brand. In the recent cooperation with a New York baking some gift giving activity, my company Claim it! Sent out 200 box of ice cream, just two hours, hundreds of registered user login to our client for free gift. Watch our customers with 15 seconds a sponsor of the ads can get a box of ice cream.

although we presented does not require the customer to the other to buy goods, but more than half of customers ask for gifts and purchased the other goods on the spot. This activity not only to provide customers with the cool and refreshing snack also brought more than one hundred consumers for Crumbs.

for the company, free gifts to some extent, to stimulate the consumption. Company believes in traditional advertising, the sample is a cheap and effective choice. The Street of Jason Notte explains why The company will give this as a sample: “remember let consumers are willing to use their products for The company is The most important link – rather than on advertising spending $94 billion a year, it is better to directly to The samples presented to The customer directly to try.”

by sample, the customer can under the condition of no price limit to try the company’s products, so that customers may in this week, no worries about the bills, so it is very popular with consumers. In this case, the company also happy to pay for the sample cost.

the sample provided free of charge not only makes the customers have the opportunity to try new products, also can make customers have a good impression to the company. Joe Pinsker wrote in The Atlantic: “both from a financial point of view (one case samples presented makes sales soared 2000%) or behavior Angle (can prompt consumers to buy never buy goods), The retailer has a love for The reason of The sample.” Most tried the samples to our customers can choose to buy goods, this is because the samples presented cultivate the reciprocity between the customer and brand and customer loyalty.

by offering free goods to attract customers, enterprises are actively establish new relationship with customers. Can also be this behaviour interpretation for brand awareness, brand marketing and brand reputation.


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