for all kinds of electric business platform, logistics is an important part of security service, headed by jingdong, adopt the self-built logistics mode, has solved the city short instant delivery this pain points. But can’t ignore the people for the demand of personalized, self-built logistics can’t seem to meet completely. As a result, the Internet also come logistics outsourcing service platform, and emerged a lot of fresh blood.

Mr. Like the wind, the main restaurant O2O last mile distribution in the field of outsourcing services, to food, including American take-away, tao little platform to achieve cooperation. In addition, there are perpendicular to the last mile of colleges and universities accurate distribution platform, also because of its service and fast has accumulated a certain number of users. Concentration distribution of the final three kilometers dada, not only for B side, also faces the C end, tens of millions of dollars in financing has been completed B round. It is not hard to see, in the field of Internet + logistics, solve the personalized demand is the trend of The Times.

within easy reach, founder and CEO du told hunting cloud network, and is an online distribution platform based on LBS, satisfy the user’s dispatch off demand, provide efficient and reliable delivery service, using self-built logistics team + the crowdsourcing model. “We want to realize the real national economy sharing, lighter, more freedom, including personalized user experience, guaranteed delivery and comprehensive service, facing the B side, closer to the C side, not only have full-time delivery, for college students to provide a good reliable part-time distribution platform.”

mentioned product origin, du told hunting cloud network, the cat and dog, every time send is very troublesome, no traffic tools, friends send also owe human thing, hope to have a platform can provide errand services, convenient and comfortable. Later, du resigned from years of bank customer manager work with friend partnership entrepreneurship, set up chongqing party technology co., LTD., to do such a thing. Now, within easy reach of the core team has five people, including a dedicated himself, and experienced operational, technical, design and Android engineer.

similar Uber, within easy reach in the distribution agent and distribution requirements to level the playing field between the user, the user can easily through the App issue orders, different levels of the caravan guards near can be single. , however, is different from Uber, grab a single process, there will be 4 biaoshi, user by looking at the caravan guards evaluation to choose a the most plausible caravan guards to complete the delivery service.

when place an order, the user needs to indicate the location of the distribution, object type, time range, caravan guards to ensure that in the process of order, if there is no timely delivery, beyond time and impact to users, and can directly from the single. Of course, within easy reach of the caravan guards are real-name certification, and through certain training. In addition, through the way of reserve margin, security and reliability in the distribution process more secure. Because within easy reach of the personalized service, caravan guards can also help the user to pass romance and surprise.

hunting cloud network learned that in order to find the problems existing in the product, within easy reach in the may market verification, team within the scope of the fixed-point made heaven and earth, 3 week later expanded to more than 2000 users. At present, within easy reach of the ground push work continues, mainly concentrated in chongqing university, business district, business circle, let users experience service free of charge. Accessible at the same time, also gradually to reach a cooperation with end user B, like offline merchants, logistics companies, door-to-door delivery O2O electric business platform, etc. In the future, accumulated a certain amount of users and standardization of market share and then copied to the other cities.

cloud network hunting understands, within easy reach of the new App in July formally launched the android platform, a new Logo is a lovely panda superman, du said: “panda on behalf of the simple and honest, cute, reliable image, we will concentrate on for the user to create a personalized online logistics platform.”

it is reported, and has started the financing plan.