(word/Yin Zixuan)

the realm of financial investment is wealth growth can not be ignored, is also an effective way to value investment. Investment in different ways, including stocks, funds, trust, structured financial products, the market also appeared more and more financial App. “” is primarily responsible for the trust product transfer and small investors provide a channel of information exchange, brokered transactions, transfer again. Was never an angel round of investment “, “use big data to provide users with” one-stop “work style of the mobile Internet asset management services, mainly for the middle class. Today to introduce “koala finance”, is a small white users against 1 yuan for the high yield of current products.

the koala finance founding team has a strong financial background. Founder and CEO zhang tong, a former bank of America global debt trading department, senior vice President, merrill lynch, credit derivatives trading department director, has worked at Goldman sachs, ubs, a Swiss bank MBS; CRO Lin up with nearly 20 years experience in bank credit management. Team itself in addition to the two professional financial professionals, and a has rich experience in Internet marketing, head of the market, a former P2P platform COO, head of quantitative techniques, as well as a master of the mobile Internet, head of product research and development of the technology.

zhang tong on Wall Street financial institutions for more than 20 years, look back wealth management products in the domestic market, found serious homogeneity, for small white users, but have no choice. In the face of such domestic market, “I want to be able to let more young people enjoy finance as a lazy life, let the domestic middle and lower asset user to be able to enjoy high-end private asset allocation services of Wall Street.” Zhang tong said. The

the koala financial management will be preferred creditor’s rights debt markets of thousands of points on diversification, and monitor the operation of the thousands of this bond, constantly adjusting and optimizing investment combination. Users only need to register account, bank card certification, to buy 1 yuan for a share of the koala wealth management products, can enjoy benefits. While the koala finance in charge a certain percentage of the technical services. As the name of the image of “koala” lazy, the koala finance is really lazy people money.

the koala in May is launched, live more than a month, more than forty thousand users. “Behind the user more lazy, the koala finance to do the more.” Zhang tong tell hunting cloud network.

in the process of investment, the koala finance from more than 2000 platform, select the best and the highest safety coefficient, and be dispersed platform and target, so even if the platform appeared on the market systemic risk, or a standard problems influence also is very small. For monitoring risk, Lin up lead to establish the “tianwang” koala financial risk control system, the system including the cast top rating system and data collection, on-the-spot investigation, made perfect process and investment restrictions and optimized combination, after dynamic early warning surveillance and so on. Now while continuously improving the optimization, the system also can achieve dynamic real-time monitoring more than 100, more than 10000000 mark data platform, effective risk early warning. With this advantage, zhang tong in reference to the other lazy people wealth management products, very confident.

it is understood that the koala financing on February the angel investment of millions of yuan. Zhang tong told hunting cloud network: “we are currently working to discuss the next round of financing, hope to millions of users within a year, 2 billion volumes. And we will be in terms of products and services, to provide users with more diverse asset allocation choices and personalized financial services.”