(text/Zhao Zixiao)

the order is a focus on Internet technology research and development of science and technology, to provide entrepreneurial teams technology incubation and financing services. Technology incubation the word may be a little strange for people, technology incubation is also called the ITVC, is a new concept proposed by the knights of VC, and VC value is the same. ITVC into technical power and resources, through equity investment, is the technology investment.

for Internet start-ups, if there is no technical support, product is no way to online. Start-up team and big companies, the company’s technology backbone salary is stable, for start-up team, they have no money to hire technical higher-ups, also won’t cost time and money training technical personnel. Along the way, start-up teams looking for technology partners is particularly important. Every company to build technical team, and their technical team personnel may not very professional, many projects in the process of the construction team. The knights do is at the beginning of the start-up team was established under the condition of lack of technical cooperation, with start-up projects to provide technical services, product quickly online.

some start-up team will be in search of technology outsourcing company. The knights with technology outsourcing company different mainly displays in three points:

1. Technology outsourcing company’s profit model is very simple, the two sides signed a short-term contract, the company to charge, solve the demand, the company interests and technology outsourcing deal no more. Cooperate with the knights, start-up team in early don’t need investment in technology, is not only lose the cost that used in technology, and the stability of the product launch is much higher.

2. The product launch if there is a small problem, after communication with the outsourcing company, time-consuming, entrepreneurs will be painful if they don’t understand technical level. And technology investment, the knights and entrepreneurs is the technical partner relations, continuous cooperation of both sides, convenient communication, handle in time.

3. Opaque technology outsourcing industry, entrepreneurs have no way of knowing whether company have rich experience and excellent technology. Knight group all members are focused on the areas of vertical professionals, including front and back end development, testing, design, etc.

the knights was founded in December 2014, CEO Huang Yunyan work for 18 years in the field of technology, worked at all new too, huawei and other companies. Team a total of more than 40 people, the company in addition to a small number of market and administrative staff, technical staff accounted for ninety percent.

about founding the knights, CEO Huang Yunyan in an interview with hunting cloud network, Internet startup there are too many repeated investment. Knights templar technical services including product design, research and development and technical team to create, launch, reduces the threshold of the entrepreneurship, allow entrepreneurs to pay more attention to the business itself, the service concept with faster speed to get the user’s approval.

in addition, in the form of technology investment, not only, the knights of entrepreneurial teams provide prophase technical service, project financing, continue to develop, the customers of the late degrees such as are relevant to the knights.

now cooperation with the order the company has five. Mostly in the incubation period. The order for the company’s audit also has a set of strict process, they will evaluate to the company, determine the cooperation pattern, research project requirements and other procedures, finalize a cooperation agreement.

in the future, the knights have two step plan, first, focus on technical service and make service system, to integrate resources, provide the overall solution from the cloud and terminal, for developers of one-stop service. Second, after the grand development to a certain stage will cultivate technical talents as the CTO output to the enterprise, and the common progress of the entrepreneurs.