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with success in the domestic promotion, uber mode fields appear a lot with the help of uber model products. Hunting cloud network today to introduce you to “the home of the house”, is a practice of uber mode of real estate trading platform.

easy to house a family of how to use the uber model? Released when the user use the home of the house after the housing demand, through yi agent can house a family of certification for single service to provide users with selected room to buy a house. Talk about why do you want to use this mode, the founder Zhang Hong tell hunting cloud network, “the pattern has been taken for granted at home, it efficiently, concise, and easy to operate. I hope the home of the house by means of the uber mode, can let users convenient to purchase to a fitting property.”

in 2010, Zhang Hong created group long group network, web site closed to join good house in China. Only took three years to become good house new division assistant President of China, he may leave early. On May 16, Zhang Hong built easily house home is launched.

Zhang Hong tell hunting cloud network, the home of the house is founded to solve the following ones:

1. Purchase information asymmetry. For customers, the checking is very limited, when they identified a region is basically confined to choose among several buildings, there is no trade screening and professionals to help them.

2. The agent profit space is compressed. As the decline in the housing market boom and rising cost of management, corporate profits are low, which directly affect the agent profit, its professional degrees and services also decreases.

3. Developers high marketing cost. The land costs rise, the national policy changes, 购房量 decreases. Between Scylla and Charybdis developers also need to invest a lot of marketing cost, marketing channel is not accurate.

For each of these weaknesses,

easy house home of how to solve?

the home of the house in agent for certification, ensure each professional agent. At the same time, the home of the house from the developer to provide preferential housing information to the broker.

when a user use App after order, the home of the house in accordance with the user area, the region’s certification agent for rob, steal sheet after a successful, agent will provide users with preferential housing in the choose and buy. From with the checking to completed, will be in the home of the house follow the whole process.

competing goods, “” by the developer, the field management and information flow through agent management, brokerage and universal agent guide guest docking with the developers building directly through the system, to realize social marketing; “” it is a real estate group O2O platform, focused to provide high qualified users online real estate deals and property evaluation service.

Zhang Hong, by contrast, thought, on the basis of the mobile Internet, the home of the house will be the real estate from the personal to the client to developers, will be online to perform all through. He told hunting cloud network, “we have our own service projects, developers of cooperation, this is a very big advantage. Launched the first month, the company has been able to normal profit. By the end of the year, we expect in 20 cities.”

at present, the home of the house through the service charge to the developers to profit, in future user use the home of the house after successful purchase, service charge to the user.

here, Zhang Hong also puts forward an interesting idea, “we are going to do a don’t burn the Internet product, done through the user experience and the media marketing promotion, when we have money, we will be more used to improve the model, rather than spending money to expand the market.”

it is understood that the home of the house to start by Zhang Hong individual contribution, in preparing A round of funding.