July 28 (word/bass)

imagine that one day the wind lang qing gas, two or three friends with you, to deep yard, sit down at the table of hobnobbing, taste the food healthy pollution-free folk manual, tells the story behind the cooking skills, listen to gourmet craftsmen it is a wonderful experience. Actually, you open the real taste buds trip is not far away, now “love private kitchen” can help you to achieve this desire.

love private kitchen is a changsha selected limited food life software, is committed to provide users with healthy delicious by hand. User use the software can search a nearby private kitchen, online booking like private kitchen and fresh food. Product officially launched in early June 2015, which has two kinds of android and ios version. At present the use of the product groups in age between 23 and 36 people, love of unusual food most are women.

about why to develop such a product, to hunt love private kitchen CEO Ma Yuxuan cloud network is introduced, do-it-yourself project is delivered before, but then realized what delivery do not delicious, merchants supply ingredients also has a problem. Plus, the pace of people life quality improvement to keep up with the speed of economic development level, so still want to do some really good things to recreate the beauty of food, improve the quality of the people to eat.

love private kitchen has such several functions:

to provide family kitchen reservation service, satisfy user to scarce cuisines of personalized dining, health, quality requirements. In the application home page show private kitchen cooking work, all is love private kitchen to visit the changsha found hundreds of private kitchens. Users can choose their favorite food, private by determining dining time and number to place an order, you can also note special demand. Outside the hall, distribution, user access is to store the three ways of food. In order to ensure the manual delicious health, private kitchens love will supervise cooperation folk private kitchens. At the same time, private kitchens for sales, promotion training, help the better development.

as folk private kitchen to provide information management tools and precision of user traffic. In the background, the private kitchen can understand the orders of the day, users about dishes, in a timely manner to users of online booking gourmet, improve production efficiency. At the same time, the love of private kitchen main friends to dinner scene, for private kitchen docking valuable customers, through the platform to promote the private kitchen fully reception customer, increase the income of the private kitchen.

now love private kitchen user scale up to twenty thousand people, has more than 50 pen orders daily. Despite weeks of business (including users, orders) will rise from 30% to 40%, within the search for private home this number will be developed from the original more than 40 to more than 500, but the product also has shortcomings, product radiation scope is narrow, only a piece of “experimental field”, changsha Ma Yuxuan hope that the future can expand the market, make products to enter the north to guangzhou, and other first-tier cities.

when it comes to love private kitchen business model, to hunt Ma Yuxuan cloud network, said love private kitchen is a can not only help build love users find personalized customization for dining, and can help to cook food folk craftsmen to make a living find two-way entrepreneurial platform. Love private kitchen profit is over for scarce food and centralized purchasing, as well as the development of value-added services, such as advertising.

food industry flourish today, love private kitchen and competitors. Compared to the same provide food for the recommended travel, some take-out fast food hungry, love private kitchen’s biggest advantage is that its production operation of each are different, with a unique dining experience. In addition, it can strictly the direct control of food production, actively cooperate with media to promote food is also its advantage.

Ma Yuxuan founder

team, product managers, and technology is web startups, for five consecutive years in the areas of food and beverage management system and food take-away O2O, good at project operation and team management. Team members currently has more than a dozen people, mainly be responsible for the love of private kitchen in marketing, technology development, business sales and media cooperation four aspects. Team in order to search the more valuable private dishes, once the collective the sun on the streets to eat all kinds of food, has happened in a week, “white” “black” of the “tragedy”.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, the love of private kitchen angel round has been completed. The next stage of financing is mainly used for cities to expand product radiation and improve the food supply.

“entrepreneurship is a kind of quick shortcut to practice”, Ma Yuxuan at the end of the interview to hunt cloud network reporter revealed his personal regrets of entrepreneurship. In business practice, the outlook on life, the values will change, people grow and mature. Entrepreneurship can provide the chance of personal talent and ambition is much faster, opportunity, as on the road to a quick shortcut to practice. Entrepreneurship practice of a long way to go, do focus on character, attitude, tone, become the culinary world of reality, is the pursuit of love private kitchens.