as opposed to “without borders”, “quick charge”, “fingerprint” has become the standard of mobile phone business competition this year. Especially with “fingerprint” as an example, no matter you are on the front, side and back, no fingerprint identification, in cool technology President Li Wang terms like “not wearing pants.

cool published this afternoon a great god note3, easing the bit in apple is impossible, but to ridicule ridicule millet or more drops: “millet busy making water purifiers, underwear haven’t had time to wear.” If this is just a matter of face, the great god note3 price 899 yuan, is really knocked millet “lining”. Great god suddenly make big burning themselves just to have a fever, when machine, fingerprint identification of thousands of yuan to over hunting cloud network have an idea of how “wild”.

Basic information:

price: great god note3 mobile version and full netcom price of 899 yuan and 1099 yuan respectively.

appearance level: one thousand yuan machine would also like to play the “art” of a steel plate? Save it, so great god note3 the plastic material, but spell level of age in appearance, the great god use gradients, pink, blue, yellow, green 4 kinds of color of the shell in sorching summer looks quite fresh.


great god note3 using 5.5 inch screen, eight nuclear 64 MT6753 processor, 2 gb memory fuselage + 16 gb of storage space, support double 4 g double card double stay 18 frequency (7). 13 million pixels rear hd camera, using 1/3.2 of an inch sensors, equipped with f/2.0 large aperture and 80 ° wide-angle lens, support professional model, dynamic chase focal function and filter. 5 million front-facing camera with real-time intelligent skin care technology level 100, four axis electronic image stabilization technology support EIS. Battery capacity is 3000 mah (it is said that last for two days),


run 360 OS based on Android 5.1 optimization Mini, so-called Mini, it can be understood as “castration” version of the 360 OS standard version of the lite version, which can improve three times running speed, 40% longer battery life, save 50% of the network traffic, does not contain the UI interaction. It is worth noting: 360 OS officially launched next month, after the 360 OS Mini will automatically upgrade. In addition, the great god said, the user can be used in the global free 120 million wi-fi hotspots.

fingerprint unlock just pediatrician, expand more application scenarios and function is more “intelligent”

great god note3 fingerprint 2.0 + technology, the technology will be more convenient, safe, reliable and open. In addition to the commonly used unlock function, a great god Note3 also has more abundant fingerprint application scenarios and function. It is understood that from extinguish screen press to unlock, fastest in 0.5 seconds. In addition, the great god specially add fast fingerprint technology, screen out state, a light touch can quickly open the camera and take photos.

great god note3 was born to protect user data. Support the fingerprint payment, safer than digital password protection; Visitors to development mode, different unlock fingers represent different mobile content, prevent friends in the use of mobile phones to peep into the sensitive information; Paramilitary security protection, forced flash will never unlock great god note3 violence.

equal quality than price, the same price than quality

great god note3VS red rice note2

red rice note2 basic configuration: 5.5 -inch 1080 p display, eight core 2 GHZ processor (or for qualcomm Xiao dragon 615 May also use mediatek MT6795M eight core processor), and 2 gb memory + 16 gb of storage space, fuselage expanding support Micro SD card, 5 million pixels front-facing camera and 13 million pixels rear camera, run Android 5.0 system, battery capacity is 3020 mah. Support the double card double stay, fingerprint identification is not supported.

if the rumors and price of the “799 yuan”, at least you can keep the title of “high cost performance. But millet are you smart hardware to do too much, that “doing nothing” “forget to wear underwear”, fingerprint identification where did you go?

great god note3VS millet 4 I

millet 4 I basic configuration: 5 inch screen 1080 p, the fuselage thickness of 7.82 mm, with a 1.7 GHz qualcomm Xiao dragon 615 eight processors or qualcomm 808, 2 gb of memory, 16 gb storage fuselage, 5 million + 13000000 megapixel camera, the battery capacity is 3030 mah, support double card double stay, run the beautiful MIUI 6 system based on Android 5.0. There are red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue, purple, black, white variety of color optional. According to fact, millet 4 I sells for about 899 yuan.

the first world war, the same price, the great god is likely to depend on fingerprint identification, thus make pleasing young man.

this great god note3 Tmall great god the official flagship store, cool and cool shopping mall accept appointment, and launch on July 27th.

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