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e-commerce, its development has achieved remarkable growth, also has considerable status in the retail revolution. Total retail sales, however, it only accounted for 5% (United States). Online shopping hot fire again again, at present most of the shopping experience is still the traditional offline mode, this is mainly due to some offline shopping experience, especially need human interaction service cannot be replaced by the virtual network.

O2O, “online to offline,” is a kind of combined offline business and Internet e-commerce model. O2O e-commerce platform to attract consumers to buy online, but the actual consumption of the service is based on the offline experience of consumers. An excellent O2O company focus on is not just a deal itself, but rather from Internet search target consumer goods, confirm payment to them, receive the goods, to complete the purchase, once again return to share their online shopping experience the whole process of digital trade.

in recent years, online retail has experienced a transformation. It watched part no longer is the only channel, but how to provide an experience both value and easy to operate mode. Based on the wide application of mobile Internet era, changing online retail stores and online shopping experience on limitless potential will certainly bring the huge business opportunities. Almost half of smartphone users will now before you really buy mobile phone to search online. And in the near future, wait until after the 2 billion, 2 billion was born in the era of mobile and 00 after enough to self-sufficient income after their participation to the economy of electronic commerce, online retail business opportunity also will be greater.

looking east

when it comes to B2C (business to consumer) electricity sales, China now is leading the world in the field of digital retail, sales grow at an annual rate of 25%. This growth is mainly comes from the traditional consumption on electronic products, and benefit from the mobile application development and improvement of logistics, some new areas to development, electricity company also won many customers in small cities.

grocery industry is one of the fastest-growing categories, penetration rate reached 3%. For books and electronic consumer products, the price is the primary consideration. As for clothing and cosmetics industry, authenticity and the assurance of quality assurance is the long run.

recently, in China a lot of focus on O2O business start-ups. The following focuses on those, believe that in the next two years is expected to become a household enterprises.

beauty dish network , and focus on small and medium-sized restaurant the supply of fresh food and vegetable market. Restaurant owner before 10 PM phone orders scheduled fresh food, the food web in the home delivery in the morning at 6 o ‘clock. In order to reduce costs, improve the company from the field to the table of the supply chain management and food safety control system. Beauty dish network now has more than 30000 customers, in the past 3 months delivery 900000 times, save restaurant owners, on average, 36% of the purchasing cost.

with vegetables about pets. the dog doctor is another interesting O2O company. Which was established in February 2014 startups to Wang Xing provides for dog health related information and service channel. At present, the dog doctor has 700000 registered users. Registered users can through WeChat, microblogging platform or other specialized app is connected to the 6000 pet hospital to obtain corresponding services

in China, the fashion industry is the fastest growing industry in the e-commerce market, O2O the occupation is sooner or later. Yeeda (yi da) hope for brand stores and shopping malls to provide a new way to communicate with customers, customers can be gained by mobile phone modelling design Suggestions on demand services.

great development prospect of

although O2O mode is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people already have a period of time, and in the company (gaopeng, an American group), growing company (travel a building to rent a community) and Uber led by this company, O2O also increasingly popular, and a wide range of popular, in China, the development of the O2O momentum continues to grow. Last year, tencent, baidu and wanda all three of China’s biggest companies jointly created nearly $1 billion worth of O2O electricity joint venture. ‘s listed earlier this year, China had the O2O initial public offering (IPO).

according to the current O2O momentum of development in China, we can foresee, O2O company in China in the future will be more focused on providing high quality services, including improved logistics and after-sales service, to optimize the potential user experience. And this, in turn, will lead a large number of startups are more attention to the use of consumer interest.

similar to other wave of science and technology, China’s O2O through from the introduction of the process of rapid development, now is the time to meet its boom. It will be a interesting journey!


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