(text/Shen Xiaoxue)

orchard is a strange fresh O2O platform, mainly for college students, offer below market compensation the origin of the fruit. Since launched last may, strange orchard has finished millions A round of funding, covering 29 cities of the country’s 356 colleges and universities, millions of registered users.

in addition to the micro letter ordering port, strange orchard App is launched in the near future, the co-founder of JinYiXiang told hunting cloud network, we have been very the attention and the user interaction, micro letter does provide us with a good entry, but in the long run, micro letter, after all, belongs to the third party platform on the user’s body under the condition of high rate of large and complex purchase, we need our own platform, give users a better experience.

on the promotion strategy, strange play football team is a typical city, from the beginning of creation, how to do selling fruit it fun is that they have been considered. JinYiXiang say, we have combined miss you so much and pay WeChat, drops a taxi, and hungry, beaver family and other seven Internet enterprises, made a relatively successful promotional activities. During the activity, we are more than 300 yuan for each user to send a coupon, at the same time, hourly pay provided by WeChat pay cash bonus. This promotional activities for partners save nearly thousands of advertising costs, we think that the Internet should be sharing and win-win, in the era of “Internet +”, put these things together and watch combination can better play.

a long time, the two big problems facing the fresh O2O platform is warehousing and distribution, strange orchard in the following two types of distribution:
Crowdsourcing first, door-to-door delivery, logistics, logistics company cooperation with main last mile, and integration of idle resources;
Secondly, offline since – around colleges and universities, establish offline to the point, in line with the students a variety of life.

at the same time, the strange orchard adopt the way of booking in advance can solve the problem of fruit storage, JinYiXiang convective cloud network, said the O2O stayed in concept is not what the actual meaning of the O2O mode optimization of some problems of the traditional industry, may be the extra cost of asymmetric information, use the Internet to promote efficiency. Fruit is a kind of short life cycle of non-standard products, from production to transportation chain is too long, the intermediate links unavoidably caused loss, we choose to grab a single distribution again, the first can improve efficiency, and the second can save costs to increase profits, and feedback to the user, allow the user to spend less money to buy more fresh fruit.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, initially, strange team do is online store + origin fruit, follow-up thorough transformation to only sell fruit O2O platform, but college is still the core of market. JinYiXiang tell hunting cloud network, college students have liquidity, can say now of college students is the future of white-collar workers, if we can develop the user’s consumption habits, strange orchard can also into the community and the office, so we have been interested in part of the community and white-collar area for promotion. Products will be around the theme of health do epitaxial exploration, plans to launch its own brand of nuts in September.

in recent years, with the change of the people consumption habits and lazy economic hot, fresh O2O platform competition like dumplings are hot pot, with such a fierce competition, JinYiXiang thinks, the advantage of strange orchard on the depth of the user to understand, because the understanding of users, so has the stronger ability of horizontal extension, is not only products, is the market better.

hunting cloud network learned that strange orchard at the core of founding personnel is a former college classmate, among them, the founder and CEO Lin painting is secondary entrepreneurs, with five years of experience in online supermarket and channels of financial development; Co-founder and CTO JinYiXiang with more than 5 years of brand development and IT design experience; CMO, sun lili, good at offline generalized WeChat promotion.

it is understood that strange orchard has begun A + financing plan.