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high quality, fresh, timely delivery, the name is not hard to see fresh with the characteristics of optimal. best fresh match is one-stop shopping for food and beverage industry distribution platform, using B2B + O2O mode, procurement and distribution services for restaurant offers a variety of products.

for bridge, fook lam moon, lotus and other major brand, excellent fresh deserves to dock with the regional agents, cooperation and build a brand; Local brands, such as flour, edible oil, such as category, field examination on manufacturers of the products division, from the perspective of food safety ultimately choose qualified suppliers. Excellent fresh for restaurant supplies spices, food ingredients, the north-south dry, eggs, meat and other products.

best fresh with founder and CEO xin-yong zhou in an interview with hunting cloud network is introduced, the traditional catering life cycle is short, food safety is not guaranteed, fresh match to solve the optimal problem is from the supply chain to control food safety, the compression traditional ingredients procurement process, reduce the restaurant purchasing cost. So fresh with optimal self-built large centralized storage, perfect logistics system, heavy model makes the supply chain. In this way, the ingredients from the source to the distribution, link layer upon layer opened and integrate the traditional marketing and wholesale, not only ensure the quality of ingredients, the compression cost, also guarantees the distribution efficiency.

fresh with online about a month, just go on average amount is less than one hundred yuan, now has increased to the guest unit price more than $four hundred. At present there are more than 2300 registered customer, order more than 1900 customers, place an order for more than two times a week more than more than 1500 fixed customers, the occupation of xuzhou city restaurant by more than 30% coverage.

for many types of products on the market, such as the chain of agriculture, chefs network, beauty dish network procurement platform, such as hunting cloud network also reported, etc. These product development more quickly, also won the financing amount is not small. Chef and beauty for small catering enterprises, for the moment, optimal fresh match and they have a lot in common, but in the back of the stage of development, optimal fresh with fresh distribution, not only to do best with fresh is committed to provide digital services for catering enterprises, focus more on the medium catering enterprises, for the restaurant guide services and value-added services.

xin-yong zhou said that in the future, in order to better integration and catering industry, excellent fresh with not only should do warehousing, distribution, and turned to the restaurant to provide more value-added services. Fresh from the expansion of the scale, optimal match of August to cover three other large cities in jiangsu, will in the end of the ten bases one, two cities online and set up the operations center.

fresh with optimal O2O platform is jiangsu pirate software inc., headquartered in xuzhou. The company was established in June this year. Online team a total of 35 people, online have integrated security, back-office operations, technology research and development department, etc., offline logistics warehousing department, offline operations. Logistics outsourcing is way, every day, pick up the car driver fixed-point distribution; Warehouse stock up for the company, can achieve zero storage warehouse, late in factory stock way to achieve distribution more conveniently.

the optimal match can place the order on the WeChat end fresh, recent conference line App. In August, fresh match will be officially launched the financing plan.