(text/Zhang Huiqian)

B2B, B2C, O2O… In the Internet industry, these words are quite familiar. Right now, wanshang hui has come up with a new word — B2Q, what is the meaning of this? B2Q pattern namely Enterprise online shopping introduce quality control, is the Enterprise introduces quality control of online shopping. Specific operation way is online first intention deal contract, both parties sign the bill can be introduced into the third party according to the needs of the buyer after (inspection, inspection, equipment debugging) engineers commodity quality inspection and after-sale installation services. This is a new service model based on e-commerce platform, the concept first proposed by wanshang remit, wanshang exchange platform itself also adopt the B2Q mode.

wanshang remit guo-jian Yang was born in the 70 s, the founder of the entity enterprise, beginning in 2003, he founded a fire-fighting equipment production company, currently has 70 patents and three confidential technology, sinopec, petrochina, the suppliers of companies such as baosteel, the momentum of development is still in good condition. Before it can be said that his career is quite a successful, why will shift to set up an Internet project? Guo-jian Yang tell hunting cloud network, open his own company ten years, think found many problems, also hope I can try my best to solve problems.

it is in the field of commodities trading, most people like to form a circle, find relatively familiar counterparties, guo-jian Yang hopes to change the status quo of the relational social marketing, so there is a possibility of development. Second, in the Internet boom now, a lot of small and medium-sized enterprises are hard to blend in the Internet, really rely on the Internet to solve practical problems, wanshang remit hope to provide a platform for the small and medium-sized enterprises, and B2Q pattern is to make this platform will be more sincere and effective.

wanshang hui business is the basis of electricity, on the basis of this to B2Q mode. In the process of trading, the buyer may choose to have aptitude in the platform according to need of third-party engineer, the deal on both the buyer and the seller to check goods, third-party engineers use their expertise and experience to provide goods to the buyer to a great extent quality after checking information to get the commission. The seller can counter to different goods to hire professional engineers to provide on-site installation, commissioning and subsequent equipment after-sales service, save a lot of manpower material resources. For the occupancy of the third party engineer, wanshang hui will pass qualification, registered engineers are cooperating with platform, in the form of part-time distribution throughout the country. Through the platform to realize the online order, offline for an employer to provide professional and efficient service.

wanshang gathered into officially launched on September 25, 2014, on the platform at present existing supplier about a player, twelve thousand registered engineers, has completed 14 million turnover, now site visits at around $ten thousand a day on average. Wanshang hui also opened a Chinese bank cicc pay as a means of payment platform, can undertake large pay, and in order to restrict the buyer and the seller, you can pay by instalments, provides the convenience for both parties. Guo-jian Yang told cloud network hunting, wanshang collect later goal is to do a one-stop full service platform, but now need to do B2Q business well.

at present, the company has a total of 16 people, guo-jian Yang personal investment accounts for most of the proportion, and another shareholder’s 5 million shareholders of a company is only two of them now. Founder said current seeking financing, but the main is hoping to find partners in the Internet resources, fund out of place in the key consideration.