(text/Yang Sihui)

in 2014, Google announced to $3.2 billion in cash for the intelligent household Nest Labs, blowing the horns of lead in to the field of smart home. At present, the market there is no lack of wearable devices, smart TV, intelligent product and so on intelligent box. But, before the focus on intelligent household, maybe we should be more concerned about the issues of family security. Hunting cloud network recently learned that the “Satrk (stark) intelligent family” smart devices, from family is a group of security to the series of the smart home products.

Stark intelligent family by “family smart host R1”, “lost guards”, “smart window”, “air purification device of intelligent control board”, “intelligent magnetic door”, “EC LaoRenShou ring” series of products. Among them, the intelligent window, intelligent host R1 already on sale, other products will be listed in the near future.

smart host family R1 is a collection of a variety of communication technology, with a number of practical function of the host itself. Starting from the family security, R1 with real-time monitoring, anti-theft alarm function. When a user is not at home, can be App binding equipment real-time pay close attention to the room, special circumstances occur, R1 can automatically alarm. In addition, R1 or a smart “life tips”, can record family life habits, motion trajectory analysis, data storage, and issued a schedule according to family life work and rest, weather situation, rest, carry an umbrella, sunscreen, etc.

“stark intelligent window”, is a window based on the Internet and modern communication technology of intelligent switch device, the device can automatically by the weather or the App window switch remote control for operation, suitable for serious sandstorm area. Xiao-long gao told hunting cloud network, which is also the best-selling products, have been sold to xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, gansu, the Middle East and other places.

upcoming “smart door magnetic” low cost, small size, can stick on the door with R1 together complete security tasks; “EC LaoRenShou ring” besides the normal bracelet measure body temperature, heart rate, and automatic alarm “falls” and “cursor” function, fell and recognition rate of 92%, also can be adjusted according to the complex environment conditions anti lost alarm distance; Still in polishing “air purification device of intelligent control board” can monitoring PM2.5, formaldehyde in indoor air, dust and other harmful substances, and send a remind to users.

R1 as a hub of communication and control center of the family of stark, can be connected with other products and implementation of control, but the product can be used independently. “Buy a family installed the stark a few products, these products are automatically networking and controlled by the host R1. Air purifying device, for example, intelligent control panel monitor to sound an alarm when that could ignite leaking gas, R1 can control window, open the window and remind the user.” The founder xiao-long gao told cloud network.

now on the market security equipment is given priority to with industrial use, commonly used in shopping malls, factories, government agencies more security. These devices are generally large size, installation procedure complex, expensive, and the host cannot be combined with other products. “Home security devices, and the difference between privacy and convenient family requirements. Stark light and small size, each product outward appearance and decoration are similar, to integrate into the family style.” Xiao-long gao said. “Users via text message or App set can be used for simple, operation is convenient. And we will always profit control within 20%, the price is far lower than the similar products on the market.” Xiao-long gao said.

xiao-long gao told cloud network hunting, Stark flagship to quickly occupy the market at a lower price, so rely on hardware sales profit is not the ultimate goal. “Our default 20 message service free of charge, outside the charges. Linkage with community service organizations, establish a ‘safe’ call centers, cooperate with the community, property, when security alarm we can solve the problem of security. Create a similar Macao ‘flat on home security system, through a service profit, this is the ultimate goal.”

Stark (Stark) technology was established in July 2014, the registered capital of 1 million yuan. Team currently 10 people, 7 people development, market and administrative 3 people. After three founders of 70, founder xiao-long gao in intelligent household product research and development in 2011; Starting from 97, co-founder of Xu Long ISP and ICP business, and has many years of experience in software development; Co-founder Zhou Liangwei successively to rui league POMIS system, ISP integrated billing system such as multiple sets of large systems research and development, in 2012 in smart home products research and development.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, Stark angel round is in preparing.