(text/Chen Tianqi)

the dog, it is human loyal partner. In a closed city life, dogs tend to be man’s closest friend. the more inseparable, the more I worried about separate days. Simply put, is to be out of town, a dog do? Master only want them in your leave days be gentle treatment. The dog at home, this is a love of a pet.

the dog is a pet family foster care mobile phone software in the home, family foster care as the breakthrough point, bathed pet owners to provide foster care, transfers, and other services. Registered foster families pass strict review, real-name certification for its later to identify a clearer experience, ability to resist risks, phone and video as a means of judgement. Under such audit system, the puppy at home on the platform of foster homes are high praise rate.

once place the order with pet owners, the puppy at home customer service will follow-up the whole process of trading, in the middle of the foster family and pet owners as a third party the role of communication and coordination of emergency treatment. customer service to both sides in advance all kinds of situation, try to appear to minimize the risk of conflict. After the deal, also will be telephone pays a return visit, ask the two sides are satisfied. In addition to the online customer service support and service pays a return visit, the dog at home services and on-site emergency, accident injury insurance, on-site rescue for pet sudden illness, cooperation hospital will provide 24 hours door-to-door service.

founder Wang Danxue before starting the dog at home, in the pet industry has nearly 10 years of work experience. when it comes to the original intention of founding the dog at home, she convective cloud network, said: “I used to my Mimi, 4 years there was no left in xiamen. Because no suitable foster place ah, pet stores will only put it in a cage, please relatives and friends again afraid they have no experience, but also do not always have the time.” Actually, Wang Danxue experience also is many dog lovers are widespread problems, many people feel there was no way to peace of mind of go out after a pet, like a pent up in a city. So, after the experience the pain points in these markets, Wang Danxue in December 2014, introduced a dog at home, encouraging pet owners on the platform to find suitable for their own family love the dog, let the puppy love to spend the day of his master’s absence.

Wang Danxue to cloud network share an interesting case, hunting dog home security service is the first to a 7, 8 months, pica likes to eat strange things () the little golden retriever. It in the process of the foster family life secretly ate three socks, as the little golden retriever was not strange, so foster families have not found, until after back to his owner, it put the two of them ate socks spit it out, the host began to worry, fear of the other sock intestinal fatal danger. Dog owners went to the hospital with a golden retriever vomiting overnight. Finally, go to a hospital for the puppy initiative undertaken at home, because foster responsibility determination of both sides is not clear.

“in fact, the biggest responsibility in the dog itself,” Wang Danxue smiled and said, “I hope we are a fair and objective to deal with the problem. Pet owners are actually a group of people with love, don’t care about too much, more pure. The three of us are now also have a chat together that only eat little golden woollen socks.”

competing goods, Beijing’s pet utopia are doing similar things. Wang Danxue convective cloud network said, “I hope we can do it yourself, and do better service, to strengthen the product experience, improve the adhesion of the user”.

“we only hope that pets bring us happiness, can be passed to every one of us” website wrote the dog at home.