“Internet +” that appears to be standing on the tuyere on the track of enterprise, the watch competitors are flawed, why your company develop so slowly?

to solve the doubts of many entrepreneurs, since may of this year, iresearch group gathered hundreds of domestic Internet enterprise managers, be born CEO collaborative workshop, share the achievements of and unscramble the Internet new insights and inventory difference advantage, with the enterprise itself in view of the enterprise (ideas, all kinds of cooperation opportunities, look for the resource pools to be born between enterprise collaboration tasks to help.

the CEO share cooperation workshop include: iresearch group chairman Henry Yang, a prominent Chinese Internet CEO coach Cao Shen, iresearch consulting institute dean and cao junbo, chief analyst at the China Europe international business school professor of entrepreneurship, china-eu business sponsors, cool 6 network of our founder, PPTV force media group, founder and President, after 80 youth entrepreneurship yao xin, etc.

collaboration enterprise will reap what kind of power? Aiming at this problem, iresearch group chairman once said: the first, collaboration, customers and users can set up the customer base of overlap, collaborative customer marketing activities, each other’s users, form market linkage; Second, people cooperation, can choose the best chief strategy officer, chief talent officer and chief marketing officer staff collaborate; Third, supplier collaboration, can integrate the best investment institutions, headhunting, lawyers, investment Banks such as all-round high quality resources. Fourth, investment opportunities collaboration, can let the enterprise to obtain the best early investment projects with speculation will be the best products and investment opportunities. Fifth, collaboration between enterprises can realize mutual investment, deepen the link.

14 PM on July 14th, iresearch CEO collaborative workshop of a new period of activity iresearch group headquarters in Beijing, the high temperature of 40 degrees can also be difficult to stop the pace of the entrepreneurs, event entrepreneurs actively communication, mutual sharing, active atmosphere. There were also some familiar faces at the scene of the meeting, hunting cloud network previously reported project “barbie hot mama” founder misia also took part in the collaborative workshop to share exchange.

this activity is mainly divided into five links. Part one: the concept of sharing, Internet latest insight interpretation; Part two: their own inventory, listed company CEO need difference advantage and resource; Part three: brainstorming, as one of the most YanTaoXing enterprises CEO spot to find the door to crack; Part four: the firewood, to the resource pool matching all kinds of cooperation opportunities, and sorted the focus; Part five: mutual help to form the ground collaboration among enterprises.

at the beginning of the CEO collaborative workshop activities, art, consulting Amy Liu do entrepreneurial opportunities for cultural entertainment industry take the lead in the opening sharing, analyses the development trend of China’s cultural industry. In after communication, entrepreneurs for self introduction, share own resources with other entrepreneurs, achieve the goal of resource sharing, and puts forward the developing facing the pain points, “the firewood flame high”, in under the force of mutual help solve the problem together.

in the road will inevitably encounter all sorts of problems, or equity allocation, or is the development of business. Need a partner in life, business also need partner, collection side of entrepreneurs to talk about business, resource sharing, brainstorming, solve the pain points nature is very good. After all, business is not easy, and line and cherish it.