(text/Chen Tianqi)

when traditional HR still use excel spreadsheets to calculate wages, social security, staring at the computer the decimal point for fear that is a wrong number, founder of ants HR sincerely has begun to small business owners to provide concise and efficient human resources SaaS services. In short, complete the traditional HR work, with the way of the Internet is sincerely are doing now.

pay service SaaS software is the core of the ants, HR, it replaces the traditional manual TAB and cumbersome check monthly bills, pay by electronic way, using WeChat, mail notify the customer to confirm the bill, the system will improve the work efficiency of HR.

ant HR Zenpayroll is similar to the United States, a salary management based on the cloud service provider, automatically help enterprises to pay the employee’s personal income tax and transfer the salary to the employee’s account, and HR is ants salary income, social security and service as the breakthrough point, because for China’s enterprises, the proportion of social security, and around the base of the calculation is more complicated.

“ant HR services is the first-tier cities, owner of a small business customers is about 10 people start-up, the user is the boss.” Sincerely tell hunting cloud network. “That if there is a big business for you? To accept or not?” Hunting cloud network asked with a smile sincerely, “we will direct ‘play’ out!” Sincerely believe that if on the one hand want to service well small business owners want to reach out to big business again on the other hand, makes the product definition and marketing strategy, affect the company’s strategy.

is now more mature polymerization recruitment ants recruitment is sincerely before doing a project, is now classified as ant HR module. Recruitment and ants completely through HR background data, and the customers are small micro enterprises, resources are Shared, which makes competing goods with ants, HR, for instance has completed A round of 70 million RMB financing assembling network and complete A round in March this year, compared to $4 million in financing of 51 social security in the competition for small micro enterprise will have more advantages, products layout will be more perfect. Recruitment layout, in addition to pay a service, and the subsequent will perfect the training, performance appraisal, the relatively complete hr module provides to the customer.

team, after three founders are for 70. CEO sincerely is a serial entrepreneur, former spreadtrum communications, after setting up headhunting company, college students part-time recruitment website. COO Yao Lan is senior HR information system architect, former IBM, alibaba, yum, have been engaged in large human resources consulting and implementation of software, create the HR information system for dozens of large companies. CTO dollars one, led by development and operations of MySpace products, millions of UV, PV. Conversation, sincerely smiled and said, “we are three is one of the boiler trio haha, university I studied the boiler system, and Seoul and Yao Lan husband and boiler system.”

sincerely HR have a sharper focus to the ant, “kill” entrepreneurial company HR position under 20 people. “What do you think will lr 3?” Sincerely asked. “No, how can there be the entrepreneurs share the forward the matter?” .