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in the ocean of overseas purchasing platform, with such a small spray. Interface is not beautiful, complete items not especially, but in December 2013, “than” online, mobile end users have broken millions, perhaps because the conscience and grounding gas.

than ah than is a B2C model of cross-border electronic business platform, in addition to providing users with overseas online shopping information, also act as purchasing agency business and transportation business, to provide services for them. Open the home page, in addition to edit his writing and recommend overseas online shopping products, you will see a few popular activities, including web sites and brand discount sales promotion information. Written in editing his overseas online shopping products, if other sites in China can buy jingdong or amazon, for example, in addition to the attached link to Shanghai tao will also directly attached to the domestic purchase links. In that sense than than can be purchased overseas platform of conscience.

about founded reason, co-founder Yang xu told cloud network, hunting “when taobao and jingdong these relatively large sites, and tends to be stable, we found that the user demand for niche market also is very large. And constantly improve the People’s Daily life, at the same time, demand for some overseas products are also more and more antipathy to counterfeit and shoddy products, so we locate the middle class, to provide quality goods purchased overseas.”

than ah, the founder of Mr Homer huang, a former Microsoft senior product manager, founded the classification information web site, qu114.com, co-founder Yang Xuceng architect of qu114.com, content editor luo, was once a fashion magazine editor.

Shanghai tao platform is numerous, the

market and guides act as purchasing agency with the combination of cross-border electricity to “clean out” honey has won $30 million B round, delivery of goods by free trade zone, part of the support tax subsidies, at the same time have a delivery overtime payment service. “Sea honey global purchasing” specialized is engaged in the overseas shopping wireless platform, through the mobile client provides live sweeps money overseas shopping platform, currently in the seed angel rounds of financing stage, investment of up to 15 million yuan.

about than ah than the biggest difference with other overseas act as purchasing agency platform, Yang xu told hunting cloud network, “what we do is light pattern.”

most of the electric business platform, will choose to purchase, warehouse again. The influence of the cost and the storage capacity, can for users to choose and buy products co., LTD. Than it than it is in order, by the user to access act as purchasing agency merchants to buy again, and then to the transport company for delivery. In such a low cost mode, the user choice more.

in the absence of warehousing, users will be able to buy what kind of products? Yang xu to hunt cloud network explains: “by than ah than independent development of electricity data analysis engine will provide some popular with users of the product, after finishing publishing content editor team again. When users have needs, can put forward to site feedback, after using, the editor for goods, to edit, so than ah than the user can on the interface of choose and buy the product. In such a product selection mode, the user more high quality goods to improve the quality of life.”

“at the moment, we think that the most urgent or perfect model, improve the quantity and scale.” Yang xu told hunting cloud network. Business model, than than the future by providing services to act as purchasing agency business and transportation business and the analysis of the user to make money, will not raise the cost of users to buy.

it is reported, earlier than ah level than the plum flower vc must angel round, a new round of financing is in preparing.