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desert growing rice seemingly impossible thing, but “sand” grow out after 15 years in May obtain the original tencent, senior vice President of Liu Chengmin angel investment, sand m TengFei founder has 10 years of experience in corporate counsel, is also a serial entrepreneur, previously invested in college students staging platform “99 stage”. according to hunt cloud network understanding, sand sand at the present stage metres are in contact with A round of funding, and plans to main board listing in 2020.

sand m new middle peasants belong to the Inner Mongolia agricultural investment co., LTD., is a focus of desert rice development enterprise, the company registered in 14 years, founder TengFei in 13 years began to try to grow rice in the desert. Rice planting sand is not powerful and unconstrained style, desert rice had in Inner Mongolia in the early 90 s began promoting, but because planting cost, desert plant it will go away.

in the Internet age, the desert TengFei rice this “pick up” again, the sand rice also can saying is the product of the era. Meters in this matter, then why do sand TengFei tell cloud network hunting desert into fertile fields of the original intention:

1. The people’s recognition to organic food, with the improvement of living standards, people demand for food is high, the development of organic food makes sand meters for those routes.

2. The present technology mature, so sand rice has realized mechanization in planting. At this stage, sand meters with the method of cooperative contract, will be planted end and engineering end all outsourcing. Sand m team a total of 40 people at present stage, mainly including technocrat, engineering and technology.

3. Rich in groundwater. M of 300 million mu, China can grow desert sand in the desert region, these formerly grasslands of the desert, after weathering into desert, but the groundwater is abundant.

4. High organic matter content of the desert. Desert is very high in potassium, promoted the mature of stem, so the stalks of rice is very thick. Desert sunshine time is long, large temperature difference between day and night, making long chain starch content is higher than general rice.

it is known that sand meters currently in heilongjiang, Beijing, Inner Mongolia self-built sand meters warehouse reserves. Will the next build warehouse in guangdong. TengFei tell hunting cloud network, the pearl river delta, Yangtze river delta, the future is a very good market, have now logistics is very developed, sand meters in terms of transportation cost compared with the similar is almost the same.

with the above these conditions, 13 years after 50 mu try planting “success”, TengFei make preparations for the 50 million focus desert grow rice. In the Internet age, using the Internet way of thinking in the life of people has become a trend, TengFei have years of experience in Internet industry, sand meters at this stage is also in the raise on the raise. While the traditional sand meters with the combination of the Internet, TengFei is how to consider?

1. Don’t want to go is the main reason of the traditional channels, the current rice homogeneity is very serious.

2. The raise is to focus on the user, do valuable user, participate in the raise user loyalty is high, it is also a way of sales.

3. Save the intermediate links costs, and benefits consumers, at the same time guarantee the quality of sand meters.

4. Hope to have more people by means of the raise to the base to visit, bring communication effect. Through the spread of the savings to raise fees, and benefits to the consumer.

sand meters will be put on the cloak of the Internet for rice, whether in packaging or feelings are walking routes in terms of positioning. TengFei tell cloud network hunting, this year began to do tentative promote the feelings out publicity, sand meters in the next year will focus on brand promotion, let sand meters into the People’s Daily life. M not to business super, but sand cost, sand m decided to give priority to with the Internet. Marketing channel, sand meters in their own small shop platform selling rice, temporary not consider accepting other third-party platform.

about earnings, hunting cloud network calculate a tip: sand m begins early in the flat desert to the cost of seedling per acre in the 6000/mu, but as the technical mature now, now cost is compressed to 3000/mu. Sand production is 400-500/mu (divided into organic farming and planting green), sand m price 15.8/kg, so the sand rice is sure.

sand now divided into four series of products, product price is 15.8/kg, roughly in the positioning of the food safety requirements of high income consumer groups. High organic is to restrict the development of the industry an important factor, the future will fight for the price of rice of sand compressed to 10 yuan or less. According to the above the cloud network to calculate the tip of the hunting, even within sand meters to squeeze the price to $10, sand and meters are highly profitable. Sand meters four series after hunting cloud network seems to also can be a best gift box as a holiday gift.

next, m is in contact with A round of financing, but at the time of contact investors don’t want to just capital inflows, more hope is to be able to get support from the industry chain. Especially want help listed and capital operation of the investment institutions to join.

sand meters is the combination of science and technology + + Internet + agricultural financial, now the country’s vigorously support the development of agriculture, sand meters have declared the government’s support. TengFei tell hunting cloud network, a large area of the sand meters at present can be technically copy, have to negotiate 10000 acres of land continue to grow at the present stage of sand. Tens of thousands of acres of desert is meaningless, but after into gardens is very valuable for the local. In a land not sand, after the harvest will be 20 cm in land do organic fertilizer. In addition, in the process of rice planting sand produced by labor, machinery and so on are all from local villagers, and promote the development of the local Labour.

in the next three years, TengFei plans to expand the planting area of rice to 5, 100000 mu, but can not simply rely on the team at any time to do the 300 million mu of success, to hunt TengFei cloud network said, hope more people to participate, sand meters will provide technical support, resources, etc.