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Beijing time on July 25, on Saturday, strong sunlight, not go out. Noon a little hot, most people are holding the watermelon, blowing air conditioning at home watching TV, but the zhongguancun business of creating a guest global angel street building 4 layer has attracted a group of ambitious blood entrepreneurs, attending hunting cloud network Beijing station 4 entrepreneurship roadshow.

adhering to the principle of the structures, investment and financing platform for free, hunting cloud network no.4 “entrepreneurship roadshow” invited including Beijing station with the venture capital, and guest headquarters, bejing capital, al, three lines of capital, combined investment, Su He remit, geek, venture capital, angel bay river, vc, yuan sheng (11 capital investment institutions. From 50 primary screening items in 10 high quality projects for the roadshow, each competing roadshow for 10 minutes. In addition to the investment institutions and roadshow guests, the roadshow is attracted nearly 200 people. Ten people brainstorming, a group of people the collision of ideas, cloud network hunting the roadshow is more like “killing” of a scholar.

in the roadshow during and after the road, some investment agencies expressed their interest in the individual project quality. Specific view, marriage got such as force vc, three lines of capital and a strong focus on three yuan sheng capital organizations; Radish car geeks bond vc and three lines of capital value; While in bejing capital said on “tease” materialist “Lord art” the two projects; In addition, yuan sheng said capital still bullish on the cargo pocket logistics project.

the next hunting cloud network will be the roadshow content presented to the reader in the form of text, to attend the roadshow, investors, comments on the development situation of 10 high quality projects do a summary, want not to the scene of the people can feel the roadshow in writing.

1. The site send

site link is a short for start-up companies to provide office space rental platform. Founder zhi-xiang zhong said in road shows, the current business atmosphere, the team expanded rapidly, making the demand for office space is very urgent, site link for start-up companies to provide office space rental.

zhi-xiang zhong is a Internet veteran, is also a serial entrepreneur. At this stage it is at the scene of the roadshow, said the field remit PC + mobile terminal UV2, clinch a deal this month, a total of 50 list, smoke into its earnings from the homeowner’s rent. Site link already obtain 3 million yuan angel investment, the next plans to raise 30 million yuan to optimize product, copy market, development projects and to create a customer.

2. See

meet App modes about the level of social not just stay online, but meet from offline as the breakthrough point, to provide users with a reasonable date environment.

meet co-founder YanXin is a serial entrepreneur, its in the roadshow, meet the App at this stage of 2 million registered users, DAU meet 10% 15%, the new media fans of 500000 +.

next, the team plans to angel round, used for App users and WeChat fans for the construction, user scenarios of database construction, early for high-quality scene UGC will be put in the small amount of the payment.

3. Friend fan

focus on anonymous lending between friends mobile social financial platform “friend fan” has been done at the beginning of the year 10 million yuan angel financing. Friend fan at the present stage include loans, credit, financing three plates, profits from the 1-3 of the service charge.

founder and CEO hua-wei wang in the roadshow, said a friend fan currently there are 2521 registered users, with a total turnover of 120800, 201 for the total number of transactions, the total credit of $28 million. The next friend van plan A round of funding for project operation promotion.

4. Materialistic Lord art

materialism Lord art “is a personal item management tool, is an item to share social platform. On the one hand, users can through the way of taking pictures, set up the label to record, record the item’s location, also can be shopping receipts, invoices, warranty and other archive together.

materialism main arts founder liu has years of experience in Internet industry. In the roadshow hope to raise $3 million – $3 million for perfect products, expansion, marketing team.

in the roadshow, bejing capital said on materialist main art in this program. Meantime there are other investors against materialism Lord art gives a personal comment on this project, the Internet is to provide people with convenient, lazy economy is to service the lazy, but materialism Lord art like the opposite tack, because the sorting is itself to an increase in workload. Hunting cloud network agree with this point of view of investors, but the appearance of each project are founders saw its demand point. On the surface, the item management seems to be redundant, but its essence is the people, things, things thorough reconstruction of interaction.

5. Cargo pocket logistics

cargo pocket logistics is a company dedicated to help people improve the efficiency of return logistics aggregation platform. According to the people to basic information, goods receiving and limitation requirements to users recommend cost-effective solutions. Prophase of product positioning service international Courier, domestic highway line and city logistics match. Cargo pocket through the international express delivery pump into 5% of freight forwarders, logistics, insurance fee and other value-added services as a profit point.

mist in the roadshow, co-founder of wu said cargo logistics is launched at the beginning of next month, hoping to get an angel round of funding to support the development of the project.

6. Marriage

marriage App focus on recommend local unique lifestyle, founder in the recently announced a project trends media group 10 million angel investment. However, in the process of the roadshow, including three lines, yuan sheng capital, with several cross the venture capital, investment institutions are said bullish on this project.

marriage App based on those feelings, Ethan shop found that as the basic train of thought, as the core city layout for global competition, solve social emerging mainstream consumer group and the mobile Internet needs to purchase of the younger generation, the App to help merchants to alleviate the pressure of the promotion and marketing.

in the roadshow, founder and CEO Wang Qing revealed that marriage at this stage the user more than 200000.

7. Radish car

radish car mainly to solve the problem of the short walking the last mile. Founder and CEO TaoXinWu participated in the 863 plan of two electric vehicle development project, was psa Peugeot Citroen’s research and development personnel, also participated in the margin of car plate of research and development, has more than 30 individual patent.

about earnings, radish car then combined with hardware and accessories sales; In addition, the App combined with ali cloud data, to supervise and control the users’ personal data.

TaoXinWu said in the roadshow, founded in radish car get angel round 5.1 million yuan over the next plans to raise 20 million yuan to support the development of the project.

8. Dinner!

“dinner” focus on the whole process of service sit-down dinner, using the mobile Internet technology and intelligent terminal, to improve the guest dining experience and enhance the level of service of the restaurant. The user can enter the restaurant directly scan qr code according to determine the input functions for mobile phone number, I take your order, now eat no independent App.

founder Huang Hongxian worked at uf software, in the management of software development, design, etc, has a wealth of experience and strategic vision. In the process of the roadshow, Huang Hongxian expressed the hope that the financing of up to 10 million yuan, for the improvement of the products of iteration, the team and restaurant promotions.

9., tease

, make create original trend of sales, idle second-hand transactions online social networking platform. And the layout of the development is focused on line, line with xiaohe hands do toys, steam plant, and contemporary artist brush “father time machine” cooperation,

Xu Xian in the roadshow, said, make the current download has exceeded 500000, then make monopoly anime IP resources, future theme parks, movie and hands, and other fields.

the current development trend of China’s animation industry is very good, in the roadshow, investors for special funny question project team met what difficulties in developing. Xu Xian said, tease at the promotion in the current bottleneck, also have difficulty with the sole agency. And about the entire trading session, tease is currently set up their own payment system, now rely on third-party payment system, alipay.

10. Don’t forget to

“don’t forget” is tied with the “best” for the project, the investor is one of the most promising project. Sorching summer team members from the northeast to Beijing to attend the roadshow, let hunt organisers cloud network deeply felt the entrepreneurs seriously.

don’t forget is a smart mobile phone App, founder bao-sheng Yin said in the roadshow, for future product positioning is based on user remind content and interaction platform for the personalized service is recommended. Don’t forget to early through free promotion for users, by the late advertising revenue, service fees and other value-added services to make a profit.

hunting cloud network of science and technology, new media is a whole-hearted service entrepreneurs

hunting cloud network was founded in 2013, is a focus on TMT reported entrepreneurial innovation in the field of emerging media science and technology, now in addition to the Beijing station also includes three RACES, chengdu, hangzhou, Shanghai next will open two market development in shenzhen, xiamen. Hunting cloud network is focused on the new company, new products, new models, in addition to service domestic high-quality startup, also focused on America’s silicon valley technology development trend. In addition, reported online platform to open business courses, docking, investment and financing platform of the Next product,, incubator, etc. Hunting cloud network, moreover, we regularly organize business courses, excellent project roadshow for entrepreneurs to provide communication, learning platform. Overall, hunting cloud network hope is the escort of entrepreneurs entrepreneurship. The most important thing is that we are doing everything is free.