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“we busy every day like in the war!” , Shao Binbin said with a smile.

Shao Binbin was the founder of the 10 side trip, a travel enthusiast, in article 6 of the way in and out of the Tibetan leave their footprints, for all kinds of special tourism route is easier. He and another 10 side trip, the founder of the friendship of Gao Xirui travel experience is long cover is new, the Tibet ride again in 2011, when two people tired, met a beautiful village. Shao Binbin tell hunting cloud network: “was seen here is amazing, I think he is the paradise of my heart, at this time also want to do a find shakotan coast tourism, let more people understand the splendid world.”

after more than half a year of grinding and team’s recommendation, the ten party travel has launched shakotan coast tour to Bhutan, U.S. west coast road, the sky of South American, hokuriku shakotan coast and some other unique travel routes in the corner of the world. Ten square positioning in the design of talent niche travel platform, has around 30 explore talent choices and side by side, all the talent on the outbound tourism love, explore the route is “you” and to himself. Shao Binbin said: “the talent in the condition of demand in the local have at least a year, the recommended route back and forth at least five times, must also be domestic talent.”

designed route may be varied, of course, recommended for, make product is difficult, it’s harder to practice and to stimulate the multi-worlds and safe and comfortable, so ten party travel with travel planners on the basis of talent recommendation line, on the basis of their practice of “experience”, and even heart, multi-worlds to recommend talent planning into travel products, feature attractions, travel routes, land exploration and some services also include.

10 side travel to PC as the main position, when received following consultation, customer service will immediately communicate with tourist travel product selection and matters needing attention, at the destination by the local corps is responsible for all the way, in the planning of each product line 10 side on the road trip about five local service team cooperation. Shao Binbin told hunting cloud network: “the present difficulties is to further test the rationality of the route, and try to ensure that the design of products can be played out, because travel is influenced by many factors, we should consider.”

than to rack one’s brains planning route free line and follow the guide line of the world’s join the swim team, personalized travel can also, such as hunting before cloud network reported from the depth of the vertical travel platform, scenic spots and talent experience to play together, and video to present a new form of tourism way cattle travel, as well as a hard-edged I boring travel and the donkey, the smaller the cake in the cutting of the outbound tourism, Shao Binbin tell hunting cloud network: “our aim is to find an unknown land, take travel as a way of life, we can cut cake straight in this field.”

ten travel online payment of the jingdong the raise, raised 5 million in two days time angel rounds of funding, has launched A round of financing plan, it will take about 20 million of investment for product development and operations. about 10 side travel team, is a lot of traveling heavy lovers, one may appear to the holiday in Japan, just walk outside lobbying. The future of about ten square travel Shao Binbin said to be a travel take people as the core to share economic circle.