cloud network hunting note: so-called places all over the world, all for profit, all for , in the information age, science and technology, capital and market power of fascinating. But in the face of their own career choices, the truly successful person should understand that our most precious for our own learning efficiency, learning to create value.

today’s bubble economy in silicon valley it is easy to people involved in a distorted reality: shares, capital is low, house prices soaring, restricted stock units.

people refused to talk about another kind of “bubble” phenomenon, those who are 2000 years of the dotcom bubble economy hurt not to mention the was black and blue all over. In the new millennium, the power of technology the physical into the Carlota Perez said “stage of development of science and technology. At this stage, the enterprise from the construction of infrastructure, such as the interstate) into development of the application of the control system (e.g., Teslas).

there is no doubt that the past 15 years by leaps and bounds of science and technology are striking. Company will be the cost of new products to market down, at the same time, as long as it is suitable for the market products, the company can be rapid and efficient construction of its market value, make the product from the worthless to the market value of billions, seem only overnight. This unprecedented opportunity to close to the capital lead to science and technology talent competition, the top technology companies like hoarding missile “hoarding” software engineers, to meet the future of science and technology war.

according to naval:

in 1999, the release of new products cost: $5000000; In fact the computer users: 30000000.

in 2014, the release of new products cost: $5000; In fact the computer users: 300000000. The utilization rate of the dollar increased by 100000 times.

in the gilded age of science and technology, if we are out of the financial scene, look like a rapidly growing company, look at their own career, one thing is extremely dangerous.

company should put long 5 to 10 years, the field of vision so closely feast-or-famine financing environment and the amazing global economic news is the survival of the company must be. But from dimension of financial evaluation of their compensation and growth is problematic, because is too short-sighted.

because of man’s career for a long, all you get the most valuable business pay is not a competitive salary, a shares or Yoga – laiden welfare. If you only look at these short-term yields, this and you work in a big company work is not in the traditional would be any different. In fact, may be worse than that in addition to a special case:

is different from “normal”, working in a startup, you get the most valuable reward is greatly increased the efficiency of learning (ROL).

compared with your current salary or stock returns, your learning efficiency will make you more successful, because it let you learn to lead rather than backward. Give up office work “ordinary” commitment, catalyst, is you grow at the same time, by greatly improve the efficiency of study, your career path will be changed. To explain the reasons, we first define the ROL:

definition: the learning efficiency is that you gather the speed of the new ideas and ways to realize their value.

in physics, the speed of image is the relationship between the speed and direction. In this case, you find that speed (speed) of a new idea with you how to develop these new ideas have a direct relationship (direction). Discovery and development thinking of process seems to be in the form of code or drive growth, increase the learning curve slope is shaping the process, is in the process, you will be shaped by a comprehensive development of the “bad guys” marketers or market value is not high, rather than a meeting all day can get paid.

why, in my opinion, learning efficiency is the most precious of personal property, the human has the following three reasons:
Learning experience will produce compound interest.
in the diagram above, you may have noticed, on behalf of entrepreneurial learning efficiency curve are exponentially, and normal work and study efficiency curve is linear. Although it is very abstract, but it shows the important point: if you study efficiency is high enough, your learning experience began to produce compound interest. (translator note: financial, compound interest refers to the each after a pre-determined period, had the interest to join at the end of every principal, to calculate the interest on the next. So, on each interest-bearing period, the interest will be of a pre-determined period of interest-bearing principal, namely in the arm, commonly known as “compound interest”).

let’s a real-life example. Suppose you are a startup company marketing personnel, you find that by actively target company blog visitors, will greatly drive the registration of the company’s web site. You deploy your solution and produced a good effect. Then, you will be to develop a new way, you will by publishing high quality experts, to attract more people’s attention.

after you successfully expand your market crowd, you begin to shift method, the personalized registration page and publish images to attract visitors to increase traffic. This has caused a series of new ideas, you can simplify the registration form, add new employee training to reduce the conflict between with customers. The result of the cumulative effect is the registration of your company increased by 20%.

during startup, you may be in a few days will be experienced a lot of things. While you work in a normal company, want to get a new budget or let the manager to pass a budget, you might want to wait for a week. So you early otherwise very valuable ideas, just as the time gone. If you keep this learning efficiency for a long time, you miss the opportunity cost is huge.

learning is capital. some people think that money is the capital, but in fact, the learning efficiency will bring you more than money. In the face of the following two options, give you a check for $10000, or give you a find a lot of new ideas and a chance to work in reality or Dropbox, which one would you choose?

there is another way to think about the benefits of learning efficiency: the present value of the money is low, especially when the interest rate is 0%, you get from the money never compound interest income more than you learned.

so, when you face a choice, a salary of $5000 start-up, the other a salary of $100000 on the brink of destruction of the company, do you want to believe that you will thank you later choice at that time, at the expense of his half of the salary for you 3 to 5 times the learning efficiency. Learning efficiency is in a startup you get the most valuable asset, because whether it is for your personal or for company, it is a desire to create their own long-term value of carriage.

study has no end. the fun is about successful people, they work under after the success will not wait for basic steps. After they made a lot of money, still continue to climb, to study hard. Why is this? In the process of many years of study, they found that to learn.

although the smell of money seemed to overflow in the streets of in silicon valley, but be careful not to indulge in the shine of money. Want to play to play games for a long time. To find a job to maximize their learning efficiency, even if it might give you a little bit tired. Learning is a difficult task for a long time, but at the same time is also fruitful, because you will consciousness you have infinite strength constantly climbing on the life path.


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