(text/Liu Sijing)

China tea marketing association, according to data from 2013 tea industry electricity sales of nearly 8.5 billion yuan, in 2014, sales reached 10 billion yuan. In the face of billions of the size of the market, many entrepreneurs are aimed at the electricity this cake tea, “tea net” is one of them.

tea net is self-supporting tea bag a brand “tea” in the B2C + O2O electric business platform, has launched eight triangular original leaf tea bag, 4 original leaf tea bag filter paper and tea gift box. Online has built day cats, jingdong and have great tea shop, the mall offline with several five-star hotel, shenzhen airlines, ping an bank and other companies established a cooperative relationship. At present, there are nearly hundred tea sells on the cable end, thousands of fans, supply is more than 50000 packages, Tmall month sales of 2 million.

the raw material, tea network now has 137 province tea cooperatives, five base tea garden and a tea science laboratory. Tea science lab is equipped with composition analysis engineer, taste the review division and front-end procurement engineer, responsible for the analysis of tea raw materials, select supply tea garden. After supplier provide goods, tea cooperation network will also be sent to guangzhou for inspection of the inspection. Founder Tan Qiong convective cloud network said: “food safety is one of the most serious problems in the contemporary society, the security problem once found, we immediately terminate the relationship with suppliers.”

how to promotion brand “tea”? Tan Qiong said that currently online is the only stores, with fans center increased activity, the online part is the culmination of a brand marketing; Offline, web hosting in tea tea salon is also one of the ways to promote. Next phase, the network plans to open offline experience in tea stores, and set up much experience in the stores area and irregular tea science lectures, puts forward a new way of selling: users online orders and offline store pickup.

tea category electric business platform with tea now social, comprehensive portal, B2C type is given priority to, for example:

1. Hunting cloud network reported “, “the vertical type of tea is a youth electric company, emphasizing the” interaction “and” fun “, to seek the breakthrough on the packing design, through the tea social, increase user stickiness, satisfy consumer needs.

2. “” is an Indian tea electric company, the main” online selling a cup of tea “, the concept of product focus on customer experience.

3. “buy buy tea” is a fully online tea industry chain B2C electric business platform, reduce the intermediate links, the main concept of “from the tea garden to the tea cup”.

4. “the first tea net” is a tea comprehensive portal website, information, business, shopping, etc.

5. “drunk product mall” is a tea tea production and marketing integration of B2B2C + O2O electric business platform.

as a vertical type electric business platform for the development of own-brand products, tea net plan continues to focus on the user experience and tea quality.

at present, network through the tea in tea from stock to spread profit in the process of delivery. In the future, the experience of offline store will be a profitable way.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, tea net angel round by founding team since the vote, the company registered capital of 10 million yuan. In may this year tea net completed Pre – A 10 million RMB financing, A new round of financing plans are in the pipeline.