(text/Liu Sijing)

there is a huge potential demand, China’s debt market for a large number of employees of financial institutions and loan service for customers and channel also is varied, and some don’t know the demanders of loan products are difficult to extract the real information from the Internet a lot useful information, then, all kinds of loan products arises at the historic moment, “tao Qian Bao” is one of them.

tao Qian Bao is a provide formal small loans, unsecured loans, such as the loan information, free release loan information and submit loan company information service platform.

at present, tao Qian Bao website, App, WeChat public number, weibo have been launched. Merchants total registrations are now a 8500, average daily growth for 150, the cumulative total number of registered customers for 42000, average growth in 600. Platform loan products can be divided into: bank loans, small loan companies, private lending, credit card, integrated services, mortgage consultant six plate. Users are mainly three types: businesses, namely has the loan qualification of financial institutions on the market; Investment adviser: can undertake to deal with some of the funds and/or relevant financial business managers; Customer: there are individual money demand.

tao Qian Bao merchants is through the way of offline search, online promotion, introduction of financial institutions, loan companies, etc., general business users by applied to complete the tenants in the PC manual process, so as to release loan product display; Investment adviser is lending industry professionals to submit an application platform, through the system audit after the produce of users; Users on the platform can sign up to become a customer group. In simple terms, after the online merchants to provide loan products, customers can through search methods such as classification search, condition to choose suitable loan products, at the same time can also take the initiative to release information about the demand for loans, for business or investment consultant take the initiative to contact you.

a month for a platform in the chengdu area contribute to $30 million in loans. Now, chengdu with ping an bank, Liu Jin consumer finance to achieve strategic cooperation.

tao Qian Bao expect to solve three kinds of industry spot:

1. Help the demanders is screening for loan products, saving time and material cost;

2. Improve the loan from personnel of course of earnings;

3. To provide loan seekers and workers, fast matching of supply and demand.

competing goods aspects, there are two kinds of representative in the Internet lending industry