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ChefsFeed is A new App review for food market, currently A round of funding has reached $5 million. This APP is designed to capture young users.

to be honest, if you want to eat to the absolute authentic food, then you have to follow the absolute chef. As a restaurant review site, ChefsFeed call themselves “the Yelp, (hunting cloud network note: Yelp is America’s largest review websites) it wants to lead young trendy customer to its direction.

today, in San Francisco, the company launched a new version of the mobile phone App and website, now more than 50 cities in the United States, Canada and Britain and other countries and regions are in use. The platform in 2011, by the former food propagandist Steve and Jared Rivera brothers created.

ChefsFeed aims to eliminate the negative energy in the field of comments. It has a network composed of 1200 chefs, the chef will be published for restaurants and dishes. There is no negative energy, only welcome positive, positive reviews.

founded four years, the company in February wind investment gold at $5 million. According to CEO Rich Maggiotto puts it, the majority of the money is used to improve the platform to pinpoint prey. Now, he says, millennials audiences than ever spend more money to go out to eat, food became their social status.

he also said that food produced by startups should pay more attention to the consumption ability.

Maggiotto has his own point of view. According to that, considering the diet culture difference, now the restaurant also in pursuit of the millennium generation of purchasing power. Recently the ministry of commerce, according to data from the americans spend on eating out for the first time in history more than grocery costs. Other studies also show that 25-34 young consumers are increasingly willing to go out to eat.

cost basically still growing, but there is a misunderstanding about the chef chef was thought is usually to eat are high-grade flowery gorgeous expensive food. But, according to Maggiotto, in fact is not the case. In fact, since 2014, served as the CEO of the company, after he had noticed on most platforms chef isn’t recommended such as michelin-starred restaurant (California, New York Per Se or French Laundry), such as fine food restaurants. On the contrary, they are more inclined to the young earth gas restaurant, for example taco trucks (hunting cloud network note: mobile Mexico selling trucks).

noticed this after ChefsFeed also corresponding to reshape, hoping to attract young customers. Compared with the previous orange under the background of white chef hat, the new logo design assembled the famous symbol of the Rolling Stones, when the user opens the App has a circle of Musical Instruments.

you can use a website or App to watch video, read by the tide of food and food related articles written by the chef. They can also use ChefsFeed geolocation distance to get to know their latest most popular dishes and restaurants.

new version is not just a redesign of the product. Company also released a chef from perspective of Jimmy Kimmell Celebrity Mean Tweets knockoffs. The present popular chefs can see from the video for their restaurant reviews, and have the chance to hit opponents from behind.

although Maggiotto didn’t reveal the specific earnings Numbers, but he estimates that since its launch, the company may cost $1 million to install iOS and Android App. Like many other free App, ChefsFeed through local advertising and Uber, Virgin America market partnerships to obtain benefits.

as the food industry more and more saturated, more and more popular, the young consumers would become a target for brand positioning. Anyhow, Maggiotto says the food industry is the new rock and roll, the chef is a new rock star.


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