(text/Shen Xiaoxue)

in recent years, all walks of life are presented the trend of vertical segmentation, from cooperated with headhunter as the core network, perpendicular to the IT industry’s pull hook net, to aim at student internship internship monk, in fact, from the emergence of these platforms, IT is not hard to see the recruitment is working on the vertical segment of the industry reshuffle. 37 games, for example, recruitment and CG recruitment website, mainly for game enthusiasts, offers a variety of game related position and technical training; Such as the 17173 games, in addition to the job information, also release the latest information of the industry, the author thinks that, depth of perpendicular to the platform of the gaming industry recruitment is not too much.

recently, hunting cloud network have concerns about the entrepreneurship programs in the chengdu a few swim with a reward for the breakthrough point, expect to build a perpendicular to the game service in the field of trading platform, at present, a few party Web beta has been launched, micro letter platform of auxiliary function is still in development.
In prophase, guinea main open recruitment and job search function, the enterprise can release free normal position, issued an urgent job and reward for high-end, the interview can also invite applicants for the job. To make transactions more secure, price position need to be paid not less than 30% of the warranty bond, validity and position can be set, failed due to a refund or release new position automatically.

in addition, several parties to swim also use “senior insider search consultant + + game industry enterprise HR” crowdsourcing model, recommend game practitioners from both at home and abroad. Recommended after the success, the presenter can gain not only the enterprise bounty, platform will also give rebate. In order to encourage companies to release price position, platform will also be conducive to enterprise.

at the moment, love sugar coffee is a generalization of the swim a few party host, founder Ye Jian said, sharing economy, cooperate with some Internet companies form a cross is the way we have tended to favor.

it is known that Ye Jianzai game industry engaged in headhunting for many years, the game industry and the personnel structure has a clear understanding of the industry, he said to the hunting cloud network, now we want to be able to solve the high cost of small and medium-sized enterprise recruitment game pain points, and then read the game industry.

a few tour business model is more clear, now with the method of commissions hiring. Ye Jian believes that many games are there life cycle, if there is no a good distribution channels, there may not be online had died. In addition, for the domestic and foreign small and medium-sized team game, they need a channel, to foreign markets. So, a few swim as depth is perpendicular to the game service in the field of trading platform, will provide products in late trading, product distribution, IP transactions, game around, and even the industry investment and financing services, and profit.

it is understood that a few party financing plan has been made, are actively pushing forward.