July 10 (word/Zhao Zixiao)

paragraph time of the film “ace agents, there is a line:” a suit is the mail of modern man.” Suit really is an essential part of a man a “weapon”, especially tailored suits, can foil more temperament. Even custom as suit custom O2O, and offline via the online booking service, using the Internet model solve the men’s wear pain points.

men and women are different, they don’t want to go shopping, shopping, shopping is more inclined to buy clothes. Don’t care about his own body to buy casually, is easy to buy clothes don’t fit. And for custom, mall or studio stores tailored suit and difference is big, the price is too high for custom industry also don’t know, industry status quo is not transparent. In such a situation, traditional custom shops in the extrusion. Even custom for customers are white-collar workers, through the standardization of price to customize to solve ordinary white-collar consumer demand, break original consumption patterns, ordinary white-collar custom habits, which will greatly broaden the custom clothing market.

even tailored suit can be divided into three models, currently only open to 1999 yuan/a three-piece fashion, including: jacket, pants, vest. Paragraphs business with exalted temporarily not opened. Users can place the order on the website or WeChat end, submit an order, pay 60% deposit, quantity body division will contact time door-to-door collection and user personal data, according to individual circumstance targeted advice is given. Give the data to the factory production, after about a week’s time will be out of the garment, again by quantity body division to send the door to see if there is a need to improve garment place, pay the expenses for the remaining 40% unhappy again.

even custom to provide users with hundreds of high-grade fabrics to choose from, the first product for half the flax lining process. Dozens of classic suit, the user can free choice. Even custom, founder and CEO of li ning said in an interview with hunting cloud network, at the beginning of the operation, even custom of cost-effective route, using the Internet mode remove suit custom of the intermediate links.

here, even the founder of custom & amp; CEO: li ning

even custom poly technology co., LTD., affiliated to the Beijing poly on science and technology was founded in December 2014, in March this year set out to do even custom, service launched less than a month, the number of users up to one hundred people. Team a total of eight people, CEO of li ning is baidu T6, senior engineer, COO Zhang Qingjia for senior media person, in addition to technology development, graphic design, quantity body division, etc. Team have complementary advantages to suit custom as an introduction, and the factory cooperates with many entertainment companies, to launch the brand.

when it comes to the future development, li ning said future after the door to door service system perfect, custom Internet platform, such as App, including men’s and women’s clothing, accessories, etc. Platform will access big-name designers and premium brands in foreign countries, the user through the platform communicate with designer clothes they want, walk on O2O mode.

for a suit, perfectly country is Italy and the UK. British one appliance merchant Indochino, adopting one-stop high-end suit custom, also can have travel “tailor” in the status of the line. In China, hunting cloud network reported on custom shirt O2O “left”, but the custom clothing O2O hasn’t happened in our country, everything is just getting started.

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