(text/Shen Xiaoxue)

when the above rental and Internet, rent a house becomes a matter of western style, from the house, pay cost, to maintenance and cleaning, every detail without knowledge, thus, the big tools, with good Internet, rent the human cost is greatly reduced, in the process of mediation of what are no longer needed.

natural not to major real estate portal, rent a house is just a branch of their layout, but some preference lot, someone like his in vertical niche, such as optimal guests from home and will rent service transition, launched two years he scored $22 million B round of funding, such as mining market in chengdu because same apartment, only to white-collar women, from the user to do segmentation. To love me, love my dog, for example, tintin rent, Hi tenants, etc., compared with the former heavy assets, they give priority to in order to integrate resources, patterns and lighter. Recently, the cloud network hunting concern to the apartment such as m, advocated the concept of community youth apartment.

as the apartment is a main youth apartment rent O2O platform, its target users for urban young white-collar workers. At present, such as m apartment in accordance with the color and style, will also design diversified products for different groups, to meet the personalized needs of users, after the rent service, provide the rent, management fee, Internet fee, BaoJieFei, acting capture services such as gas property, also contains hardware facilities maintenance and periodic cleaning services.

founder LeiHang inscription tell hunting cloud network, we will do deep tillage on service experience, for example, we regularly organize outdoor activities, such as business salon, the collective travel fellowship activities, create dating for user interaction, leisure, entertainment, business communication and resource sharing.

in fact, as the product positioning is not confined to the house leasing and butler service, LeiHang inscription convective cloud network said, we also hope to build a platform for business incubation, provide entrepr