(text/Shen Xiaoxue)

in recent years, the outbound tourism market dimension problem, most of the online travel booking service platform for ticket and hotel reservation, headed by “ctrip”, “where” all kinds of OTA platform in early and open the door of the outbound travel, unfortunately, the outbound tourism services as one of the category, only every travel agency contract, to hold down the start at the threshold, a bundled consumption of marketing strategy is always difficult to get the user’s favor.

in addition, some of the products adopt the UGC mode, sharing economy, such as tourism community website “hornet’s nest”, personalized travel travel “bread”, outbound tourism one-stop platform “tips”, etc.

although provide a complete service chain personality customization products are few and far between, but the general personality customization is the trend of The Times. Such as “you to outbound tourism”, provide airport transportation, charter, Tours, tour in outbound travel relatively fragmented services, these services by the local students, tour guide, such as docking, service price transparency. Focus on the same outbound tourism and travel “more interesting”, it is more like a platform for integration of outbound travel products.

the same aim for outbound tourism market and “go for a ride”, it is a light outdoor outbound travel booking platform, the core of the product concept – is through personalization travel experience to reveal the user’s taste and style. Go for a ride at present, the Web version and App have been online, in addition to the regular booking, App special blend in the social elements, users can share travel experience in “moment” section.

as the founder and CEO, Liao Shuang thinks, the pain points of users is that popular travel service cannot meet the needs of their self-realization, more can’t reflect their personal style and taste. Go for a ride, expect to provide style, depth of outdoor travel abroad, in order to meet the users in the pursuit of personal style. As to why to light outdoor as the breakthrough point, Liao Shuang convective cloud network, said light outdoor bring health, cool, romantic, brave, growth, such as label, is the best way to express personalized travel. Light outdoor, as a kind of experience, is different from traditional outdoor exploration of high strength, it is also different from tourist resort of lax.

the specific itinerary, like Iceland in Europe around the island road, provence of France road, the sky or the Scottish highlands island drive walking Tours, etc. In these standardized route, the user can check the combination of personalized, “hour”, such as choosing local characteristics in different transport, including check in hotel, and so on. It is understood that travel Liao Shuang himself is a talent, with 5 years of experience in overseas projects and 2 years experience in travel business.

so, how to go for a ride across the outbound travel in time and space distance, the longer service chain, to achieve the complete service to the ground?

Liao Shuang said, go for a ride can build a custom element light outdoor travel booking platform, the platform is open to experience architect and the user completely, experience the architect can free trip in the system design, planning and product evaluation, after approval, the full travel plans can be presented to the user, the user can choose according to the corresponding circuit, generating personalized travel arrangements. In addition to the online user decision, on line, go for a ride for the users to customize the exclusive road book, this book is similar to the travel guide way, the content covers the all details for the trip. Then, when a user on a journey, go for a ride will dock directly to the destination tourism resources, ensure service to the ground.

in order to ensure the platform can continuously produce high quality content, go for a drive to experience division access mechanism, incentive mechanism and product audit.

in the development and expansion of experience network at the same time, to go for a ride set experience access standards. These experiences most perennial living abroad, by their design, optimization of travel, implementation platform products from growth, go for a ride, according to the experience rewards to share knowledge and content. Routes of experience architect design audit strictly, besides must conform to the standards such as light outdoor, style, depth, experience the architect must also personally observed for suppliers products, issue the detailed test report, to avoid the product description does not agree with the user experience, to ensure the quality of the user to select to have security products and solutions.

differentiation treatment, about to go for a ride Liao Shuang thinks, it is shown in the tonal and products. From the point of tonality, focus on the light outside of the outbound tourism, can reveal the user’s style and taste. From the point of product, tourist routes and service by the division in the experience, and by the use of intelligent reservation system, will meet the demand of the user personalization and implement to the extreme. Our core competence has three: first, the growth of the global experience division network; Second, open intelligent reservation system, third, global product data, real-time feedback. As the product iterations, these will be fulfilled one by one.

in addition, go for a ride on the laid of the business model has a relatively clear, Liao Shuang to hunt cloud network said, first of all, by providing reservation service, commission for suppliers and advertising. In addition, adding membership model, through the value-added services for the membership fee. Go for a drive to complete from the information flow, service flow, cash flow to the layers of recursive.

the next step is to go for a ride will be continued in training users, Liao Shuang said, go for a spin lock target users for average income level of the population, and the pursuit of quality life for this kind of crowd of promotion strategy, grasp circle, community is the default choice, namely by KOL influence target users, form a word-of-mouth spread. Go for a ride at the same time, will also expand global experience division hit range, and establish the five destination services sites around the world, the App will also continuously optimization iteration.

it is reported, go for A drive has been announced last year that the millions of angel rounds of financing, at present has started the Pre – A round of funding plan.