the Internet phone service areas, previously reported cloud, hunting, etc. Schemes to the net on April 20, the official online, in the mobile phone repair flag drum. Mobile phone repair as a low frequency just need industry, PV and user viscosity Luo Yunheng considered the founder of the guarantee is the key point. Straw bag net structures, is a professional platform for mobile vertical multimodal fusion. Platform, tends to severe vertical. Complete mobile phone repair, teaching, integration of recycling, the subsequent will increase community section.

Luo Yunheng tell hunting cloud network: “Internet players want to jointly solve problems in the field of mobile phone repair, is the guarantee and service, complete mobile phone repair. Want to change traditional market chaos, change the way to determine the enterprise can walk far.” Walk model integration, module of lines, namely, hoping to provide users with more convenient, suitable maintenance method.

straw bag net is platform + self-management model. P2P O2O + + BPC tactics.

say first O2O, O2O in recent years has been said. In Luo Yunheng view, 80% of workers in the high-end market situation of smartphones, lead to “busy no time to experience” as mobile equipment O2O can cater to the market need to consider. So for this industry practitioners O2O is just a try, whether suitable for still need time to test.

P2P is for part-time maintenance personnel, straw bag net now has more than 100 maintenance division to join us. Guarantee mechanism is a platform management, and taobao C2C similar platform. Straw bag at present stage network in shenzhen, guangzhou, Shanghai, chengdu opens the door to door service. Send sheet is according to the order address, the system automatically locate maintenance personnel distribution, maintenance personnel in stores will be less than 5 km system shows and publish them in the mobile terminal. The door time control within half an hour to an hour. Current layout is just beginning, following with the increase of house maintenance division, control will shrink to 1.5 to 2 kilometers quickly to your door.

the BPC is straw bag net. Although most people are willing to choose to store or the door asking for maintenance services, but offline people to solve the problem of mobile phones is also myself. For this group, straw bag net provides the purchasing service, repair parts and auxiliary teaching tutorial by DIY maintenance schemes to class. If he wasn’t alone, the subsequent request door-to-door service or to store all the free maintenance.

the core members of our team of 15 people, Luo Yunheng is a serial entrepreneur, at first is engaged in import and export trade, the subsequent transition to do service industry. Straw bag net late will be facing the whole country maintenance personnel recruitment. At present straw bag net secondary upgrade is in progress. The new will add more technical knowledge, new community module. For maintenance team to provide technical guidance.

this DaTiLiang phone service market, Luo Yunheng tell hunting cloud network, is he wants to get more high-quality merchants to join, purify the market together with high quality standard service. Each user from outside into the inside, advocating simple problem to solve. More and more people to know more about this industry, eventually reach a conceptual change.