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“in the world so big, I want to see”, the meaning of travel is not about how beautiful the scenery, but in the colleague’s partner enough to force. Focus on building for the user to know a lot of tourism social platform new travel partner, how to find the differences is the key breakthrough, and steps “network” is to “pick up person + volunteers travel” cut to the travel agency to pay platform.

network launched last year, give priority to with traveling early, starting this year, cut to an update more vertical areas, namely volunteer travel. Frost, founder of the xia said: “the essence of travel companion is to find a trust and congenial partners, so we provide users with the information is not much, but in the precision, for college students and provide the after 90 is a safer, more matching platform together.”

in May this year, the pace line is given priority to with volunteer travel online recruitment platform vertically, regulated the authenticity and accuracy of information, online since two months, more than 100 other accredited hotel occupancy, 500 + certification resume, both on the platform of interactive, resume, job offers. “We have strict control on registered users, to prevent some businesses involved in advertising, and also to the user’s information confidential, only registered users can apply for to see, to a certain extent to protect the privacy of users.” In the summer of frost said.

as to why the pace of network development direction from the pick up person to advocate volunteer travel, summer frost said, “together” as the main function of the last year to “pick up human social travel products. 10 million after A round of financing, more and more people want to” travel to pick up person “the big cake, the similar competition. Footsteps network to form a differentiated competition, it is necessary to find a new breakthrough, and the idea of “volunteer travel” in domestic has yet to fully open, to cut more opportunity.

in fact, volunteers travel abroad has developed relatively mature. But public welfare volunteer travel abroad, to help care for the elderly, children, the disabled, etc., or to the forest park pick trash, maintain historic buildings, the traditional culture of non-material heritage, etc. And domestic the concept of “volunteer travel”, much work refers to travel or work in night, manufacturer is also the concept of network.

cream in the summer of convective cloud network, said the footsteps nets in the volunteer travel or cut in the form of recruitment, to the user can set up a recruitment information release platform. Hotel can release its recruitment information in “volunteer travel” column, when the user see the hotel after the recruitment information release, if accord with time, place, meet the requirements of the nature of work, you can through the platform and contact the hotel. In addition, the user can also release recruitment information by oneself, for hotel, hotel, and the user both sides is the process of choosing each other, and all of these steps need to network this platform to communicate and contact us.

summer frost said, most travel is main stranger social platform, such as “tips”, “walker”, relationships between users, contact less, comes to go. And net hope through the way of picking up people + volunteer travel together, to build a platform based on between a user and the hotel more trust in social relations.

at present, a lot of steps in network of registered users is given priority to with domestic college students, foreign students, xia said: “now the idea has changed, tips is not necessarily only related and economic conditions, economic conditions are relatively good more and more people also like to use a” volunteer travel “way to experience the fun of life, it is not only the tips, but also a way of life.”

footsteps nets team a total of 6 people, website, weibo, micro letter platform operations. Summer frost said, tips is low frequency but it’s just need field, low frequency domain if not loyal users, directly on the App, users of viscosity is not enough, users don’t get that at this stage, or through the WeChat platform and web sites to attract users attention.

in addition, the pace of the off-line stage by creating social recommendations to enhance trust between users. Summer frost told hunting cloud network, users go to play, how to play will depend on the travel agency recommended, strategy, but the personalized demand is different, the same recommendation can’t meet the various needs of users, in on the timeliness of information update also has certain limitation. Problems in the user travel, through the communication between friends may be more work than strategy. Through recommendation can deepen the connection between the users and trust, can deepen viscosity between users, users and platforms. In addition, later also can optimize the website design, make the user experience better convenient and concise.

business model, footsteps network based on the free line pattern of travel platform, platform, such as where to go, ctrip travel by ordering tickets, charter, hotel, catering and other ways to make money. Big platform has a certain users, the users adhesion sex is stronger, the steps how to find a breakthrough network? Frost believed that in the summer of footsteps net can be based on user trust and dependence on a platform, in the form of packaging, let the user about with the purchase of the products at the same time. Future steps network will open the trade sector, directly involved in the free line of products, including charter, booking tickets, etc.

the footsteps net has launched the angel round.