hunting cloud network (note: the author Jay Acunzo, vice President and director of platform of the current at NextView Ventures, worked at HubSpot, Dailybreak Media, Google, Inc.

we often ask: vc, market sales and public relations has anything to do with startup founder? Between the founder? But due to my marketing background (Google, Dailybreak Media, HubSpot), I usually very direct expression of this problem, the company should be announced when the seed money.

we are talking about recently about one has not yet announced the seed investment plan to market, so this problem again at NextView HQ internal caused a heated discussion. As a B2B software services company, the company will shift from will flow to investors benefit from the process of the important contacts and emails. But you want to get the purpose of the relevant traffic and drive the contact, when you make products should make these important mail contact, it is an effective strategy to create demand.

so, the public relations and should be considered when to start a startup financing for its campaign?

there are a few points below are need to know:

1. Remember that can’t eliminate your class D form.

because you have to fill out the form, you can look for those who often the media of information announcement of seed money to get advice, let them come the scoop on your message. Some lawyers to fill out a form in time also have different opinions, these also into consideration in your plan. Make sure you and your honest lawyer, because lawyer is indispensable partner when you want to financing.

from the Angle of partnership, if there is delay, founder of the financing intention, should take the initiative to ask them to delay. (or the case can also be used to delay.

2. Understand the different concept of capital announced.

Some general methods of measures:

(1) immediately announced and pass the enterprise recruitment and development information, timely understand other vc financing rounds of investment for the future trend, etc.

(2) and some other news (such as: product release, ace executives hired, brand design and market expansion, etc.) to announce. Finance information announced can further help release some other important news. For example, there is only product release may not get attention, but announced financing can attract people’s attention.

(3) if you want to keep a low profile on financing has sides (usually in secret financing model), the company had better to have some news or record of the public. This can help those who are interested in your partners, customers and talent to a better understanding of what you do, and for the future development strategy. However, this is usually not something you can control, in the field of start-up companies, there are a lot of about important partners to find the X company and never change their development track of the story, these are simply determined by coincidence.

3. Realize that the internal trade has much more than the external trade. (and, more importantly, you have to realize what will that mean for your company strategy.)

in NextView portfolio, we found widely in further discussing this topic announced funding is not a good customer channel. Mass media coverage that other marketing channels to try to work harder (as NatureBox co-founder said in an interview), financing pr hate direct response. Many start-ups to see other companies use print media feel very useful, willy-nilly, completely without considering the status quo want to follow suit.

remember to use science and technology media technology start-up financing, it is also questionable. Why is that? Because there are many similar start-up companies, is not always browse to your target customer base of science and technology news.

but if you have found the above phenomenon, believe me, that you’ve had a walk in the forefront. Before I did seven years in the field of digital marketing, to this kind of small facts so I have not been aware of you feel very strange. In Boston, for example, the local media like criticism of science and technology start-ups, marketing is very poor, but in fact, these start-ups just didn’t pay attention to the national science and technology media, they through other some feasible channels to create demand for the product.

4. When you announced financing, investors must take into account the

I’m not saying that you must mention they announced. I mean the financing is declared as a chance to let investors see you is how management works. These can surprise showing the founder of the operation mode. There is some system, considerate, but think too much also makes people worry. While others are relatively loose, they tend to be announced immediately. Vc can cooperate with entrepreneurs immediately after receiving the large data. For example, if we look at NextView, we can provide better support, determine method and the relationship, at the same time can also help foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, founder.

and I share the declared aim is not to write complete financing USES. They will be able to create your company for the website like Crunchbase ranges and investor consortium of public record. As a founder or employers, who gave you a pride for enterprise, it should not be ignored. But, as I listed above, I realized that the right financing declaring the framework and founder of the reasonable expectations can help at the right time for the right item.

the financing execution is strong media is closely linked with the success of start-ups. But the media is not early to drive the enterprise development. They are not produce huge demand channels. Unless you are smart enough to capture the mail and will make full use of the email, otherwise they will not help you generate the email contact list, will not promote or destroy the development orbit of a company.

in the end, it is about the relationship between the lesson, a lesson not causality. Good, the founder of even small things will finish very well.


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