editor’s note: the “speed” has become the pronoun of success, but it means more than product development speed, more represents a kind of habit; A habit that dare to dare to do: make decisions faster, more faster execution decisions. We need to dare to dare to do these habits like eating, sports daily habit.

this article is from the start-up Upstart, chief executive of damien duff giroux, the DE (Dave Girouard), giroux, also is the former ministry of President of Google. Giroux, to develop the Google Docs and Google Apps are extended software as a service (SaaS) for Google Docs once referred to as “killer” of Microsoft Office software. Here are some Suggestions he Shared, teach you how to make the speed become the key to the development of the company.

I always believe that speed is enterprise wants the ultimate weapon in the business. When the other conditions are certain, only one of the fastest growing company in a market can succeed. Speed is a key factor in the development of enterprises, if you think it is the key factor in a bit, then speed is any enterprise to seek the development of leadership.

in the technology industry, the speed is the most important assets of the company product development. So “move fast and break traditions” is the spirit and the driving force of the development of the company, it can help the company to produce the required products in the effective time, quickly and effectively to realize the development of the company. Whenever mentioned how to promote the development of products, mostly people think speed and flexibility is the key to win.

however, people often ignore the other impact on the enterprise development speed, that is to say, the speed not only influence the development of the company’s products. People know that Google’s development speed, the development of gm was slow; The development of start-up speed, big company development speed is slow. So fast that people think is good, but few know development mechanism and company employees can let the speed become a competitive advantage.

I think the speed of development for the company like the movement and the benefits of eating benefit body; We should speed also develops into a habit.

if we can through our unremitting efforts to develop these habits (movement), with speed, we can also in a very short time to become the founder, administrators, and potential employees, the greatest contribution to the construction of power for the company. When some people have the habit, the company should give them a certain reward, such as salary, promotion, so that we can let them continue to keep these habits. To do so in the end, the biggest beneficiaries is the company itself.

this is the most good at doing category killers. (hunting cloud network note: category killers refers to a business area of larger but less commodity category management chain stores, because they are smaller categories has more sheet is tasted, can “kill” the business of the same goods in small stores.)

so, we want to break the category killers dominating the side of the situation, to know what is the foundation of speed. In fact, you don’t have racked my brains to think about this question, because all the business activities in the aggregate, but is must do two simple things: decision-making and execution; And your success will depend on the decisions to speed, on the execution speed.

the first category: the decision

United States army general George patton said: “one can enforce the plan immediately, better than a perfect plan next week to come”, I totally agree with his story. Do you remember the last time you heard someone at the meeting said: “we must make a decision before leaving the room.” When you hear these words how you feel? At the time do you think the man rushed up to give a hug? If it is me, I will want to do so.

for a company, time is very precious; Therefore, make a decision and modify decision process must be careful, otherwise it will cause a lot of time wasted. So, exactly when making a decision is extremely important.

if one day, you have used before doing every decision will be thinking about the how much time, how much energy on this decision, who should be responsible for the decision, when to make the final decision of these problems; You are already across the speed should be the most important step.

this is not to say that you want to in a hurry to do all the decisions. Some decision than other more complex and important, then you should wait until all the information is enough to make a decision. Some decision once made, it is hard to correct it, so you must consider before make a decision; Sometimes, something wrong decision will bring serious consequences. The most important of all, some decisions do not need you immediately clappers, because the effects of the decision doesn’t have anything to do with you make a decision sooner or later.

early decision when making a decision is very important, because it can accelerate the speed of doing other things.

I’m in the years of Google, Google CEO Eric Schmidt (Eric Schmidt) is to use this method to do every decision, he always want to don’t want to just announced a decision (already consider good). Google co-founder Larry ellison (Larry and Sergey Brin were very intelligent person, they participated in every important decision making process. Eric know they can’t do a unilateral decision, a decision choices are not so simple, there are many other things to do; But Eric try to make sure every decision in a certain time to complete, and it is a realistic time and not just as simple a fixed time. Eric has maintained this habit, also is this habit let Google puts glorious greatly in the world.

the Upstart today was a very small company, but we still need to make many decisions every day. We have always firmly believe that a quick decision is better than slow decision, a radical decision is better than not to make a decision. time went by, we are thinking about the importance of each decision, think about how much time should we make the decision is worth it. Some decided to do need several days of discussion and analysis, but most decisions completely can be done in ten minutes.

although speed is critical, but that does not require leaders need to carefully treat each need to make a decision task. Really need you make a decision to all team members pay and views gathered together, and then make the final decision; So that you do decide to be democratic. In my professional development course, from the beginning I was very direct tell others I think the correct answer, then I learn from what has been discussed with others and get the right answer. This process is called building consensus, because no one wants to be the opinions of others hostage, but listen to the opinions of others can let you make the right decisions in a faster time, injected fresh blood to the team.

this is not I in to a hasty decision. I admit that I sometimes make a decision very hasty, whenever that time, my co-founder, Anna would say: “this is a major decision, although we know what to do, but we still need to use plenty of time to think.” Anna proved this kind of attitude, let us save a lot of time in terms of decision making.

when to end discussion, when the decision is really an art work. When he saw the staff in the discussion very passionate, most is not willing to interrupt. We always hope to their team members to discuss the right decision, I find people to hear “it’s your responsible for this decision,” this kind of words, will feel greatly relieved. Do with chief executives, the final decision is not what you need to do every day. As long as you work carefully enough, you can get things completely decision-making power to the staff in his hand. This will not only make your employees from the in the mind feel comfortable, also can let them see your trust. You just have to let employees have the decision logic tell you, and then according to the decision to perform well.

in fact, the job satisfaction of team members is very useful to measure your company’s growth.

do you want to know, if the employee only mild not satisfied, you are the company’s development speed are ok, but there is still room for improvement; However, if the company’s development speed fast, staff will have their own emotions. Therefore, learn to observe the employee’s job satisfaction is very important to the development of the company.

when I work at Google, Larry Page is a decision that I find very nasty people, employees sometimes worry about doing so will, won’t make the company get into trouble. He is follow one’s inclinations, not to the employee’s emotions. He always ask: “why can’t make a decision quickly? Why can’t we make a decision more quickly? Generally after he asked, will be waiting to see if someone will be crazy. He is to use this alternative approach let staff together. If it is a very important decision, of course, he wouldn’t be so quick to make a decision.

the second category: the execution of the decision

a lot of people are spent a lot of time refining their production system, complete product structure upgrade. But for the company and work team, move quickly to implement a decision is a completely different concept. The following is my part about the execution of decisions: share

1. Clear task completion time

I always be meeting no deadline plan and action items scare, but even if these projects have time regulation, it is only the timing of employees rely on their intuition as they set out. Task completion time and period of rising always follow the sunset and the concept of, and they will always “tomorrow” is set to the default date.

not everything needs to be done immediately, but the important thing, you will have to be completed before the deadline. You might ask a simple question: “why not say ahead of schedule?” . If you can in an orderly way, out of habit, finish every thing, will have very good. Over time, this kind of habit will bring good impact the entire team.

this habit first must be reflected in one body, especially those who are higher; Usually, they can have more or less on the behaviour of others. As a leader, you always want to put a “an employee like” into “the most favorite thing to do.” This is how to get an idea for widening. When you put a assume that what happened immediately (in fact there is little possibility of this happened) to the other, most people still will no doubt take this matter; Because people can’t be in for a while will have some ideas, a lot of ideas is slowly emerged after the fact.

you don’t need to be radical, to enforce the decision you need to keep telling yourself today is better than tomorrow, do it now than 6 hours after the start to do it well enough.

I would like to share with you a very interesting story, is a about my old friend, sabe Hector Khan (Sabih Khan). At that time, I was apple’s product manager, he is apple’s operating executives. In 2008, apple chief executive Tim Cook in a meeting to discuss to a particular problem encountered in Asia. Tim Cook told conference attendees said: “the situation is very bad, someone should deal with the matter in China.” To 30 minutes at the meeting, Tim Cook looked up at the important company executives sabe, sweat, and then without thinking and asked, “why are you still here?” After hearing the words, sabe Hector immediately got up and walked out of the room and drove to San Francisco international airport, did not even had time to change clothes, just booked a one-way ticket to fly to China. Can you think of this problem later got a quick and good solution.

just like the candle has been burning, one time in the past, and you should be to let the participants in each discussion is full of tension.

2. Realize the dependencies between tasks, and eliminate the dependence

eliminate dependencies between tasks and tasks and formulation are as important as the deadline of a task. In fact, a key part of the task should not be known by the team, so that can accelerate the task is complete; And some things can wait until when doing to do. But, you also can’t let the team members on the non-critical tasks, to slack off but asked them to complete the task before the deadline.

there are very important, that is don’t let them wait for the next person to complete a task, and then yourself to do something (to eliminate the dependencies between tasks). Untrained staff always with all sorts of reason to delay the work, such as I am so-and-so began to do after. , however, the company’s leaders want employees to start their work, but not to wait to complete the task ahead of the others.

a lot of people think this interdependent relationship does not exist.

so how can you transform this continuous dependence for parallel relationship? I myself is a chief executive, in the process of accelerating things done, I will stand on a different position about this matter. For example, there is a very urgent announcement, but time is limited, I would write it in my own blog public notice; But I do not say that other members of the team can’t do this. I have a good idea for the content of announcement, just can put it in the fastest speed. As a leader, you must have the dependence and the ability of dependency, to take corresponding measures according to the importance of things.

I found that I have ten times of the day will be at the meeting said: “we don’t need to wait for to do that, we can start to do it.” In fact, this idea is very common, it’s just been need people often say it out loud, in order to eliminate people’s cognitive errors.

do you remember when you have downloaded songs on iTunes? If you want to one-time download the whole album songs, it could be quite slow. You had better be finished with a song such as download another again, because only in this way can speed up to. Actually, to complete the project also is same. Sometimes very complicated, a project like you one-time under six song, complete speed will be much slower; If you have to wait until the complex at the start of the other things after the completion of the project, other things will be on hold.

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